Web Hosting Secret Revealed https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net Thu, 17 Jan 2019 08:36:47 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.9 64757879 Choosing a Secure Web Hosting Service Provider https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/web-hosting-guides/choosing-a-secure-web-hosting-service-provider/ Mon, 14 Jan 2019 10:28:20 +0000 http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/?p=29364 If you’ve been following my articles you may have come across some security-related topics such as Secured Socket Layer (SSL) and on WordPress Security. The Internet is has become a vastly more dangerous place than it was when first starting out. It’s open to everyone – both good and bad and more importantly, has become a crucial tool for many businesses.

Businesses online present a pooled resource of billions of dollars to cyber criminals. Unfortunately, this translates indirectly to becoming a threat for small site owners as well, even individual bloggers, for various reasons.

Even if your site has nothing worth stealing, cyber criminals can exploit the resources of your site to launch attacks on other websites. Plus, let’s not forget that data is the new oil and if say for example you collect subscriber information on your site – that’s worth money as well.

Then there are also the graffiti artists on the Internet – people who go around attacking and defacing websites just because they can.

Wordfence Defaced Websites
The number of websites defaced by hackers number in the millions (Source: Wordfence).

With all that in mind, are you in any doubt now that it’s worth looking at web hosting solutions that are secure, or at the very least offer options to help you increase your website security? Stopping a determined attacker is nigh on impossible, but every little bit helps.

Great Secure Web Hosting Features to Have

1. Backups (and restoring them)

Backups don’t only apply to your personal computer systems but as a matter of fact, more importantly to your website. However, you can control many aspects of backing up your personal data, but for websites, it can often depend on your hosting provider.

Most web hosting providers do offer free backups, but these are variations on this theme. For example, some may require you to perform the backup procedure manually, while others may do it automatically and require you to contact their support team if you should need data restoration services.

This site is on a host that doesn’t offer backups as frequently as I like, so I’ve installed a third party plugin for WordPress

Ideally, look for a web hosting provider that carries out periodical automated backups and allows you to restore from them at any time on your own. This helps minimize potential downtime in case anything goes wrong with your site.

Recommendations: Web host with excellent backup features – A2 Hosting, SiteGround.

A2 Hosting

To access A2 Hosting Server Rewind, login to cPanel > Files > Server Rewind.
To access A2 Hosting Server Rewind, login to cPanel > Files > Server Rewind. A2 Hosting servers have redundant hard drives for real-time RAID 1 mirrored backups and off-server backups for the last 30 days (on best-effort basis).

A good example of an excellent backup system is the one they offer at A2 Hosting (read A2 Hosting review). They have two important features – Site Rewind and Drop My Site. The first allows you to rollback your site to previously saved points in time, while the later allows for offline backup of your data. Call it double insurance, if you will.


To access SiteGround Backup Restore, login to SiteGround user dashboard > Support > Backup Restore
To access SiteGround Backup Restore, login to SiteGround user dashboard > Support > Backup Restore (green banner on the right sidebar) > Restore Yourself. SiteGround store website backups for up to 30 days.

SiteGround (read SiteGround review) is another popular host which has excellent backup facilities that are easy to use and get the job done. The mix of automated and on-demand backups along with a one-click restore option is practically all you will ever need.

2. Network Monitoring

Websites are usually hosted in server sitting in massive data centers. Much of the control there is automated, so there’s minimal staff around at any time. That makes it crucial to know if your web host is monitoring the network traffic to its servers.

This is usually done by having control and monitoring tools in place that keep an eye out for suspicious traffic or incidences. This way, anyone hoping to sneak in some Malware or carry out an attack can be detected early.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something that many web hosting providers sell on, so you may need to ask them for more details. It will at the very least give you some peace of mind to know how well they guard their servers.

Recommendations: Web host with free malware scanning – A2 Hosting, Hostinger, Kinsta.

3. Firewalls and DDoS Prevention

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a nightmare. They are like the proverbial 300-pound gorilla rushing at your website determined to smash it to bits. Through a DDoS attack, hackers try to bring down websites by flooding them with so much incoming traffic that the site servers are overwhelmed and fail.

These are often mitigated by using a good Contend Delivery Network (CDN) such as Cloudflare or website firewall such as Sucuri. Some web hosts such as A2 Hosting include Cloudflare plans with their hosting packages, while others like InMotion Hosting do not, but allow them to be used.

Firewalls are also important because they serve as a first line of defense against web intrusions.

4. Antivirus and Malware Scanning

At your personal computer, you should be running an antivirus software. On web servers, you depend on your web hosting service provider to install, run and monitor them for you. It’s important to at least know they’re doing this and what level of information they can provide to you on potential problems.

Some web hosts allow you to see their scan reports, while others simply perform them as part of the package. Some hosts offer more extensive options here compared to others, but the very least you need to be able to do is be able to restore your site from a previous version that wasn’t infected.

Recommendations: Web host with built-in anti virus – Hostgator, BlueHost.

HostGator SiteLock
HostGator’s SiteLock protects against Malware and Hackers

HostGator and BlueHost offer a unique Malware defence system which it calls SiteLock, which comes as a separate add-on to their hosting plans. It not only scans for Malware but has an integrated Alert and Removal tool to keep sites safe.

5. Secure FTP

If you’re still new to web hosting, it can sometimes be useful to be able to move large amounts of files to your web host. This is more efficiently achieved using FTP, or File Transfer Protocol. SFTP is the secure version of FTP and helps keep your data safe during transfer.

While almost all web hosting service providers offer FTP access, not all will support SFTP. If you look at our top picks in web hosting, you’ll notice that many of them such as Kinsta (review), CloudWays, and SiteGround (review) do offer SFTP access.

6. Spam Filtering

This is a little bit of grey area and spam technically won’t affect your site security. However, if you’re suddenly deluged by a massive barrage of spam mail it could act as something like a DDoS. If your host offers spam filtering, then the attack goes through its spam filters first.

As a bonus, by keeping spam out, these spam filters help you save space in your mail folders. Almost all hosting providers will have spam filters of some kind available, but some will require a little manual configuration.

Ideally, look for one which has various options in spam protection like BlueHost, which offers three different types of spam protection.

7. Internal Security

Again, this item isn’t really a part of your hosting package per se, but many top hosting service providers ensure that their servers are kept fortified against attacks. This means that they will be constantly updated with the latest security patches and tools.

Take for example the case of A2 Hosting, which has multiple security measures in place such as KernelCare, Auto-Heal Hosting Protection and Server Hardening. Hosts like this know that these security measures protect both itself and your site, for greater peace of mind.

Is Managed Hosting More Secure?

Some of you may be considering managed hosting as an alternative. IF you are, you should know that managed hosting is most likely to be more secure than standard shared hosting services. The reason is not always because of better technology or tools, but managed hosting environments simply have fewer sites using the same resources.

Managed hosting environments are especially good for specific uses, such as WordPress managed hosting services. By pooling a select number of WordPress sites on specially configured servers, the environment is often more secure and efficient.

It also means that support staff are more likely to be specialized and can assist you more easily and rapidly. Managed hosting providers also take over responsibility for patches and updates, which are a security weakness that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Conclusion: How Concerned Should You Be About Secure Web Hosting?

I’m certain that by now you would know my opinion on that. However, if you still have the mindset that ‘this won’t happen to me’ I have s little scenario to share with you. In the past, I helped administer a site which provided information on financial services.

Due to the large number of virtual attacks against financial institutions, that site came under frequent, sustained attacks as well, simply because it had the word ‘bank’ in the site title. From this you can see that it doesn’t really take much to set an attack off.

Choosing a web host that is secure and reputable isn’t overly difficult or time consuming, but it could reduce your stress levels by order of magnitude. With that in mind, I’d also like to take the chance to direct you to Jerry’s Guide to VPNs for Newbies.

The Internet is a bottomless sea of resources which is also what makes it so very scary. As a website owner (or future website owner), help your visitors by offering them a haven in this environment by offering a site that is secure.

We’ve done a lot of the work for you and you can hit up the highlights of many top web hosting service providers on WHSR. Help is just a click away.

The Big List of Online Business Ideas To Get You Started https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/web-business-ideas/the-big-list-of-online-business-ideas-to-get-you-started/ Sun, 09 Dec 2018 05:49:48 +0000 http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/?p=27276 It’s 2018 and the internet continues to be a growing market for anyone who wants to start an online business.

The fact that it’s a low-risk investment and that you won’t have to spend money on a brick-and-mortar store or an office makes starting an online business much easier.

If you’re one of those people who always wanted to start an online business but have no idea what business to start, then you’re in luck.

We’ve got 50 online business ideas to get you started!

50 Best Ideas For Starting an Online Business

1. A Blogger

You’ve probably heard the success stories; blogs sold for tens of thousands of dollars, or parents making enough money to stay at home with their family. For those with a flair for writing, being a blogger is an absolutely viable business opportunity. All you have to do is choose a niche market that suits you and you make money through advertising, info products, affiliate links, or any other number of avenues.

Making money via blogging is the dream that many of us will have – but I don’t doubt that you have already heard the about the failures as well: maybe you heard of Myspace, or some of your friends have a blog that goes nowhere and doesn’t change and just sits there – dead weight on the Internet. How do you avoid the trap of a dead-weight blog? How do you turn up the enthusiasm when your energy is starting to flag? Where the heck do you start, anyway?

Well, you are at the right place to start. WHSR has published some of the quickest, easy-to-understand, and above all, effective solutions to your blogging problems – culled from Team WHSR’s own experience and from the minds of other pro-bloggers who enjoy what they do. Here are few pointers to get you started:

2. An Online/Virtual Assistant

Often times, big businesses and professionals are always in need of a good assistant to manage tasks such as emails and social platforms. Offer your services as a virtual assistant to help overlook and manage the tasks for clients online.

Even if you have little-to-no experience, it doesn’t take much to be an online/virtual assistant. Ashlee Anderson’s article does a great job of giving the rundown of what it takes to be a virtual assistant, even if you have no experience whatsoever!

3. Being a Social Media Manager

Social media is an important tool for any business. If you’re a social media savant, offer your services to brands or businesses who need help managing their social media accounts on a daily basis.

The rates for freelance marketers/managers generally falls in line with the cost of building a website and depending on how big or small the site is, the amount you earn can vary.

Based on our research from sites such as Upwork, the average rate for a freelance social media manager/marketer is about $25.25 per hour with the highest amount being $150 per hour and the lowest being $4 per month. The better you are, the higher your fee can be on these freelance platforms.

Cost of a website and graphic design based on Upwork Top 100 freelancer profiles. Average hourly rate = $25.25/hour; highest = $150/hour, lowest = $4/mo.

4. Be a Social Media Consultant

Conversely, you can also act as a consultant instead and offer your social media know-how to clients online instead of going in and managing the accounts for them.

5. Be an Influencer on Social Media

An influencer is a growing trend in social media platforms today. Becoming an influencer means growing your own social media account and using it to work with brands to promote their products and services.

If you’re thinking of becoming an Instagram influencer, digital marketing consultant Shane Barker wrote a great article (click here!) on how to become one and how to earn money from it.

6. Write and Publish an eBook

If you’re a writer or an author, you can easily publish an eBook yourself and sell it online on platforms such as Amazon or via your own website. Authors such as Ryan Biddulph shows that you can make quite a profit from it.

7. Offer Online Courses

Those who are knowledgeable in specialized fields or topics, you can create and sell your courses online via your own website or by setting up an email list.

8. Coaching Businesses/Businessmen

If you’re a business owner with a fair amount of expertise, you can offer consultation or coaching services online and communicate via Skype or email.

9. SEO Expert

SEO is a useful tool to build an online business and if you’re good at it, you can offer your services to businesses who want to improve their website’s ranking on search results.

10. Be an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate programs are another popular idea in which you can earn money online by including links to products and services on your website or content and getting a share of each sale for each referral.

11. YouTuber/Online Personality

If you’re comfortable with being in front of a camera, you can try your hand at being a YouTuber or an online personality. All you have do is start your own YouTube channel and earn money through ad shares.

With the shift of content consumption, more and more people are flocking to sites such as YouTube for their daily video viewing. It’s become a much more effective mean of building a following compared to older media such as TVs or radio.

And starting a YouTube channel can be low-risk and low-cost. All you need is a good camera and you can start making content. Once you’ve gained enough followers, you can monetize your videos by activating Google Adsense, which puts ads on your videos.

A number of YouTubers have shown that it’s possible to make a living through it. Personalities such as PewDiePie earns an annual revenue of over $12 million from his videos and through deals and sponsorships.

Content creators Kinda Funny uses Patreon to earn more income in addition to YouTube.

Of course, relying purely on YouTube as a money-making platform is not easy, which is why most YouTubers use it as a platform to promote other means of income generation. Sponsored videos or built-in advertising are some of the ways that YouTubers use to make money out of their content. Some might even promote their own Kickstarter or Patreon page to their fans to pay for their content.

Of course, finding success in YouTube is not easy, which is why a lot of personalities have used it as stepping stone into bigger forays. Comedian Bo Burham used YouTube as a platform to showcase his talents, which ultimately led to him being signed with Comedy Central Records.

Comedian Bo Burnham found success in YouTube which led to a contract with Comedy Central.

12. Podcasting/Podcaster

Podcasting is another great avenue for entrepreneurs. You can start your own podcast and sell ad spots or include sponsors around your content.

13. Selling on eBay

Got a great product to sell? Set up an online store on platforms like eBay to sell all your of products.

14. Selling Handcrafted/Handmade Products

For those who want to sell handcrafted/handmade products, you can set up an online store on platforms such as Etsy, which is a site that focuses on handcrafted items.

Example of an Etsy shop: RafFinesse.

15. Be a Web Designer

Being a web designer is a great business plan for those who are design savvy and knows how to build a website.

16. Be a Website Developer

Being a website developer is great for those with technical knowledge and/or are good at coding. You can help businesses by building and maintaining the backend of the website.

Similar to social media managers, the rate for freelance website developer can vary depending on the cost of the website itself. Generally, the bigger the site, the higher your fee can be. Based on the data we’ve collected, expect a freelance website developer to earn about $31.64 per hour on average with the highest being $160 per hour and the lowest at $5 per month.

Cost of website and graphic design based on Upwork Top 100 freelancer profiles. Average hourly rate = $31.64/hour; highest = $160/hour, lowest = $5/mo.

17. Be a Graphic Designer

If you’re not so technical but can still offer design services, plenty of businesses are in need of graphic designers to create images and graphics.

Sites such as 99 Designs offer a platform for freelance designers to make money by connecting them to businesses or brands who need help with creating designs. Since everything is conducted online via their website, you can basically work remotely from anywhere in the world.

18. Be an App Developer

Mobile is a big market and if you know how to create mobile apps, you can be an app developer. You can either offer your services to clients who need a mobile app or build one yourself to sell.

19. Be a Domainer

More often than not, businesses need to buy a premium domain that fits their brand and for better customer recognition (see real life examples here). You can earn money by purchasing premium domains and reselling them to other people.

Flippa, ExpiredDomains.netSedo are three places to look for cheap pre-owned domains with resell values.

20. Online/Freelance Writer

For writers who want to start a business but don’t want to create a blog or a site, you can offer your writing services to other sites as a freelancer.

The great thing about being an online/freelance writer is that are plenty of companies/businesses who need help with their writing. If you have problems finding them, then check out this article that lists out 10 resources for finding freelance writing work.

Tips from the pro: David Trounce

Content writing and article writing services have become a mainstay for those looking to earn good money online.

As search engine’s reply more and more on quality content as a metric for ranking websites, content creation, and especially writing services have grown over the last three years and become one of the most lucrative – and easy – ways to make money online.

But where do you start?

If you are thinking of becoming an online author and want to earn money publishing content, one of the places you can start is by by networking with agencies who are providing content writing services.

Content writing and guest publishing service are in demand. 

Marketing agencies are constantly on the lookout for good quality written content.

In order to meet the growing demands of online business to maintain their presence and increase user engagement, content creators who are willing to meet deadlines, are reliable and capable of writing genuinely useful content are in high demand.

Rather than trolling the net, talking to those agencies that specialise content writing services is a great way to build a network and find employment as a writer.

If you decide to start approaching digital marketing and content management agencies, don’t turn up – or call or email – empty-handed. Have some content ready for publication, or, better yet, have a portfolio of content available for viewing. Showing these agencies what you have and what you can do is a great way to impress a busy editor.

– David Trounce, the founder of Mallee Blue Media

21. Design (and Sell) T-shirts Online

Red Bubble and CafePress are platforms that you can use to sell your t-shirts and other similar products online to customers. If you rather have your own store, you can easily start an online t-shirt business by using eCommerce platforms such as Shopify.

Example: 6dollarshirts.com designs and sells tees at $6/piece.

22. Online/Remote Tutor

The great thing about the internet is that you can connect anywhere with anyone in the world. Be an online tutor and set up classes online with clients all over the globe.

23. Open an Online Store (& How To Get Started)

Some of the ideas that we’ve listed can be started immediately without needing anything more than an email address. An online store, on the other hand, will require a few things.

Namely, you’ll need to have a website, a domain, and a good web hosting provider. Some places, such as Exabytes or Weebly, will offer all services as part of a package though you’re limited to what they have to offer.

Alternatively, you can get them separately from specialized websites such as SiteGround for hosting, WordPress for website building, and buy domain names from NameCheap.

EasyStore provides an all-in-one solution for eCommerce stores

The problem with both options is that you still need to build an eCommerce website from scratch. Which is why the third option is what we recommend if you’re serious about starting an online start, and that is to use eCommerce platforms such as EasyStore or Shopify.

Places such as EasyStore offers all the essentials you’ll need to start selling your own products and brand. From creating websites using their built-in themes to picking a custom domain name, these eCommerce platforms offers a one-stop shop for those looking to get started.

EasyStore, in particular, offers a number of features that are useful for an eCommerce store, such as free SSL certificates, multiple currency checkout, a mobile version store, built-in SEO tools and more. They can also integrate with popular applications such as Lazada, EasyParcel, Mailchimp, Shopee, and more.

Example: Online store, built using EasyStore.co, selling gadgets and phone accessories (source).
Example: Online store, built using EasyStore.co, selling books (source).

24. Be a Travel Consultant

People love to travel and have often look to travel agents for the best deals. Nowadays, you can be an online travel consultant to help customers to find deals on travels option or recommending the best travel packages.

25. Be a Proofreader

If you have a keen eye for proofreading, plenty of businesses, authors, and other clients are in need of proofreader/editor. You can work entirely online by having them sent you the documents via email.

26. Take Stock Photos/Be a Stock Photographer

Taking stock photos is a great way to earn money online for photographers. Places like Shutterstock or 123rf are great platforms to sell stock photos.

27. Copywriter for Websites

Another great avenue for writers, especially copywriters, is to help create the copy for businesses and their websites.

Tips from the pro: David Leonhardt

david leonhardt

The top thing to understand is the different types of web pages. Some websites need all types; others need just one or a couple types. How you write will depend on the purpose of the pages. For example:

Landing page, whose goal is to create credibility and then funnel people off to a sales page or a lead generation form. This can take many forms, depending on how people arrive at the page and how “qualified” they are when they get there.

Sales page, whose goal is to make the sale. The less it sounds like selling, the better the page will be, But that’s pretty hard to do. Include features and benefits of the product.  Testimonials will go a long way to making the sale. Focus first and foremost on solving customer problems. In other words, help them sell themselves on your client’s product.

Information page, such as how-to content. This builds credibility with your client’s target market. It also gives them content they can share with others. It could make the sale right away, or it might keep them coming back. It is critical to write this in plain English, even if your audience is a highly-educated niche. It’s too easy to lose impatient Internet users.

Understanding the goals of each web page will help you write the most effective copy. If what you write works well for the client, you’ll get plenty of repeat business and referrals. And that’s how to build a writing business.

— David Leonhardt, President of THGM Writers

28. Online/Virtual Tech Support

Technical people or those who have a fair of knowledge in tech can offer to be a remote tech support for clients and businesses online.

29. Contract Customer Service

Some businesses often outsource their customer service communications. You can offer your services to be a contract customer service and working remotely online.

30. Be a Software Developer

Creating software can be a lucrative online business, especially if you’re good at it. You can either work as a freelance or project-by-project or create your own software programs and sell it.

31. Be a Marketing Consultant

Marketers have a great edge in the online world. If you’re an experienced marketer, offer your services to businesses who need help creating and executing their online marketing plans.

Tips from the pro: Gail Gardner

14 - Gail Gardner

The key to making a good living as a freelancer [Marketing Consultant] is visibility and referrals. While some go the route of bidding gigs or listing themselves on sites like Fiverr and PeoplePerHour, the best paid freelancers do neither of those. This is especially important for marketing consultants.

First, create your profile on LinkedIn. If you do not already have a portfolio, reviews, and recommendations, work on that first. Offer to provide your services at a discount to people you already know or local or online businesses in exchange for reviews and referrals. Video recommendations are particularly compelling.

Many consultants have difficulty handling potential and current clients calling them for free advice taking up their time. You can offer a free 15 or 30 minute one-time consultation and then make an excuse to disconnect. Or you can use a platform such as Clarity.fm or vCita.com to charge them by the minute.

Connect with others in your niche and ask if they would be interested in collaborating. Referrals from others who offer similar services are common. They may be too busy or just feel you are a better fit. Be sure to return the favor whenever you can.

Make it very clear exactly what you do on your site and in your profiles. Come up with a unique deliverable. I provide Trello boards with marketing strategies already saved on them and training how to use them.

Others might analyze a business and provide reports or graphs or an ebook. Wow even those who never hire you and give them something to remember and mention. For more tips, read How to Get Recommended.

– Gail Gardner, Founder of Grow Map

32. Develop WordPress Themes

A lot of people uses WordPress to create blogs and websites. Designing and selling WordPress themes that are pre-made and easy to use is a great way to start an online business.

33. Online Researcher

If you’re skilled at researching, you can offer your services to businesses, writers, and others, who are in need of people to research on specialized topics.

34. Be a Membership Site Operator

Have an idea for a niche website? Make a website and offer paid membership for those who want to join in order to receive exclusive benefits that are offered on your site.

35. Create an Advertising Network

You can also set up a network that aims at online businesses, website owners, and bloggers that are looking for advertisers or sponsors and the other way around.

36. Public Relations Services

Start an online public relations agency and work with businesses who need help with communicating with customers and clients on the internet.

37. Maintaining/Managing Websites

Some businesses that already have websites might need help maintaining or managing them. You can act as a website manager or offer your services as a maintenance provider.

38. Website Reviewer/Critique Services

If you have a keen eye for good website design, you can be a reviewer or specialize in critiquing websites for businesses who might need some changes to improve their user experience.

39. An Online Recruiter

For businesses or companies in need of people, you can offer your services as a recruiter to find and contact candidates online and connect them together.

40. Offer Resume Writing Services

Another way you can utilize your writing skill is to work with people who need help putting together resumes and cover letters. You can do this remotely and contact via email or Skype.

41. Be a Life Coach

A life coach is a great online business idea that you can do remotely and help clients deal with issues that they are facing.

42. Nutrition Consultant

For those who are knowledgeable about nutrition and dieting, you can offer your services to clients who need help planning out their meals and getting enough nutrition. You can conduct consultations online and send them meal plans via emails based on your consultation.

43. Custom Illustration Services

If you’re someone who’s skilled in the arts, set up a website to showcase your portfolio. Then, you can offer to do custom illustration services to clients who reach out to you.

44. Create Video Ads

YouTube Video ads is a platform that brands and companies often take advantage to market their products and services. Creating videos ads that catered to those platforms can be a lucrative business.

45. Be a Direct Sales Marketer

Those who are good at doing sales, you can offer your services to clients and companies to sell their products to customers online by reaching out to them directly.

46. Be a Financial Consultant

A lot of technopreneurs often lack the aptitude to handle the financial aspect of a business. If you’re good at finance, you can offer your services to them as either a consultant or on a project basis.

47. Offer Bookkeeping Service

If you’re good at bookkeeping, you can also offer bookkeeping services to various businesses. You can create a website or even just promote your services on social media.

48. Creating Online Newsletters

Create an online newsletter and build up a sizeable network with it. You can then use the list to sell your products and services or even earn revenue by working with other brands or businesses.

Pardeep Goyal, from Blogging as Business, shows a great example of how to use and make money with newsletter by charging users $79 to be part of the VIP list.

49. Offer Lead Generation Services

Companies and business are always looking to generate leads online. If you’re good at it, you can make money by offering your services to them.

50. Dropshipping Service

Don’t want to handle the logistics of starting an online store? Dropshipping lets you sell products to customers through your website but the manufacturer will handle the inventory and shipping.

Given the low barrier of entry, dropshipping has become a popular business model among entrepreneurs who wish to start an online business without the major costs. Of course, this also means that there is a lot of competition in the industry.

If you want to be successful in starting a dropshipping service, the following steps should cover all the basics that you need to get started:

  1. Choose a dropshipping niche that’s profitable
  2. Search dropshipping suppliers that are reliable
  3. Get a sales tax ID
  4. Choose a selling platform (Shopify, etc.) that’s right for your business
  5. Launch your shop and start selling
Shopify also offers a full dropshipping platform for people to start with.

Of course, there are a lot more details that go into it and if you’re serious about it, Buildthis.io offers a comprehensive guide (click here) on how to start an online dropshipping business using Shopify, one of the biggest eCommerce platform online.

The guide goes into great detail about what you need to build a successful dropship store, such as setting up payment gateways and having a customer service/support team.


As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for anyone to start a business online. The key is to know what you’re good at and find which avenues that you can use to sell what you do best.

Of course, if you need some help building your digital presence, it always helps to have a website ready.

Who Is The Most Popular Website Hosting Service? https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/web-hosting-guides/most-popular-website-hosting/ Mon, 26 Nov 2018 08:45:55 +0000 http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/?p=28978 We know that there are hundreds of hosting services available to us. Out of all them, some are more popular than others and have amassed quite a following.

But which one of them is the most popular?

Well, in this article we take a look at two factors that we believe determines the popularity of a hosting company’s:

  1. Social media following (Twitter and Facebook), and
  2. Google Trends

For social media followings, we’ve created and curated a list of 100 hosting companies and put it all in this huge spreadsheet. Then, we compared the hosting companies with the most followers with Google Trends to see how often they get searched on Google.

Caveat: Popularity Does Not Equal Perfect

Popularity has always been the shorthand for people to help make decisions.

Want to get new sports shoes? Go for Nike or Adidas.

Buying a new phone? It’s either an iPhone or a Samsung.

While popularity can be a good barometer in some instances, it doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story about the company’s quality of its products and services.

To make an informed decision when signing up for a hosting plan – you’ll need to first understand your hosting needs, look up and compare, and select the host that is the best for your websites.



Part #1: The Social Media Game

1. GoDaddy

Website: https://www.godaddy.com

It shouldn’t be a surprise that GoDaddy is on this list. The domain registrar/hosting company has been around a long time and has smartly established its brand to consumers.

As of today, GoDaddy has around 316,000 Twitter followers and 1,863,919 Facebook followers. Out of all the hosting companies, Godaddy is definitely leagues above the rest when it comes to social media.

Social Network Statistics – Twitter: 316,000 .  Facebook: 1,863,919


2. HostGator

Website: https://www.hostgator.com


HostGator is another name that’s been around in the hosting industry for quite some time. While not as big as GoDaddy, they’ve still managed to amass quite a following.

For starters, they have a bigger Twitter following at 732,000 followers while their Facebook numbers currently sits at about 214,991 followers.

Social Network Statistics – Twitter: 732,000  .  Facebook: 214,991


3. Bluehost

Website: https://www.bluehost.com

BlueHost Review

A hosting company that’s been around since the 2000s, Bluehost is definitely a well-known name in the hosting industry and has been reviewed by many sites (including ours!).

Despite being acquired by EIG (Endurance International Group), Bluehost manages to build a steady stream of followers. In Twitter, they currently have about 478,000 followers with Facebook sitting at 151,748.

Social Network Statistics – Twitter: 478,000 .  Facebook: 151,748


4. SiteGround

Website: https://www.siteground.com

SiteGround might not be a household name but they’ve been steadily building up their reputation as a quality hosting provider. Jerry Low has been using their hosting services for his personal blog which speaks volumes to how good they are.

But in terms of social media following, SiteGround doesn’t necessarily stack up with about 231,000 Twitter followers and 30,593 followers on Facebook

Social Network Statistics – Twitter: 231,000  .  Facebook: 30,593


5. DreamHost

Website: https://www.dreamhost.com

Another company that’s been around in the hosting industry, DreamHost has been providing hosting services since 1997. The company now hosts over 1.5 million websites and has a healthy user base of over 400,000.

As for social media, DreamHost does a sizeable following on Twitter with 344,000 followers but for Facebook, they only have about 21,429 followers.

Social Network Statistics – Twitter: 344,00  .  Facebook: 21,429


6. Name.com

Website: https://www.name.com

Similar to GoDaddy, Name.com might not be the company you think of when it comes to hosting services. But, the domain registrar company does offer a number of hosting plans in addition to domain name services.

When it comes to social media, Name.com pulls in a healthy 553,000 followers on its Twitter account. Their Facebook account, however, doesn’t fare too well with only 48,464 followers.

Social Network Statistics – Twitter: 553,000  .  Facebook: 48,464


7. WPEngine

Website: https://www.wpengine.com

WPEngine has grown exponentially since its humble beginnings in 2010. The WordPress managed hosting site has been making waves with its focus on being the best place for WordPress hosting.

But how do they fare in social media? For Twitter, they stand at about 375,000 followers. But Facebook they have a considerably smaller following with only 38,658 followers.

Social Network Statistics – Twitter: 375,000  .  Facebook: 38,658


8. A2 Hosting

Website: https://www.a2hosting.com

A2Hosting has been breaking grounds in the speed department by using technologies such as Railgun Optimizer and pre-configured caching to be the fastest hosting provider in the industry.

Despite being an industry leader in terms of loading speed, A2Hosting doesn’t necessarily command the same presence in social media. At Twitter, they only have about 102,000 and manages slightly better on Facebook with 49,233.

Social Network Statistics – Twitter: 102,000  .  Facebook: 49,233


9. InMotion Hosting

Website: https://www.inmotionhosting.com

InMotion Hosting is an absolutely fantastic hosting provider. We reviewed them and gave them high marks for their hosting services. Heck, we even use them to host WHSR, which says a lot about how good their hosting services are.

But, do great services translate well to social media following? Not necessarily. Currently, InMotion Hosting only has about 124,000 Twitter followers and a paltry 11,394 followers on Facebook. Compared to the rest of hosting provider, InMotion Hosting definitely ranks lower in the popularity scale.

Social Network Statistics – Twitter: 124,000  .  Facebook: 11,394


10. Kinsta

Website: https://www.kinsta.com

Another great hosting company that flies below the radar, Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting company that offers top-notch performances and exceptional WordPress hosting services.

Just like InMotion Hosting, we’ve rated Kinsta quite highly compared to other managed WordPress companies. But did their excellent services helps their social media game? Apparently not, as they only have 126,000 Twitter followers and fares slightly better than InMotion in Facebook with 19,153 followers.

Social Network Statistics – Twitter: 126,000  .  Facebook: 19,153




Part #2: Being Part of The (Google) Trend

When it comes to popularity on the internet, social media is only one half of the equation. The other half we need to look at is through Google Trends.

Using the “Interest over time” graph, we can get an idea of how popular and how often a certain term (or company) is used in the search engine platform over a certain period.

While GoDaddy clearly holds the biggest social media following among the ones we’ve listed above, would they also have the biggest market share in Google Trends?

Spoiler alert: they absolutely do.

who is most popular? GoDaddy is easily in the lead in terms of search demands in Google Trends.
GoDaddy is easily in the lead in terms of search demands in Google Trends.

Take a look at the Interest over time comparison between GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, SiteGround, and DreamHost. GoDaddy easily eclipsed all of them by consistently remaining in the 75 to 100 points of popularity from last November.

Hostgator, Bluehost, SiteGround, and DreamHost all placed within the 25 points or below range with SiteGround being the lowest among all five.

Popular hosting companies: With InMotion, Kinsta, WPEngine, and A2Hosting, GoDaddy still holds a considerable lead.
With InMotion, Kinsta, WPEngine, and A2Hosting, GoDaddy still holds a considerable lead.

When compared to better rated hosting providers such as InMotion Hosting, Kinsta, A2Hosting, and even WPEngine, GoDaddy still holds a considerable lead in Google’s search demand popularity.

In fact, InMotion Hosting, Kinsta, A2Hosting and WPEngine ranked even lower compared to Hostgator, Bluehost, SiteGround, and DreamHost.

Are Popular Web Hosts (On Social Media) The Best?

When it comes to the quality of a hosting provider, there are a number of factors that can affect them. Are you creating a simple blog site? Is there any custom program running? Do you need to have an online store? All these and more can affect the quality of a hosting company.

According to our tests and reviews, GoDaddy is great for people who just want to have a simple blog or website. However, if you’re thinking of creating a complex WordPress site or eCommerce store, hosting providers such as Kinsta or InMotion Hosting offers better server features and hosting performances.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what you want and need for your website as different hosting companies caters to different website needs. If you’re a simple blog, then maybe GoDaddy is more than enough. Need more server resources? Maybe it’s better to go for Kinsta or InMotion Hosting.

HostPapa Black Friday Deals (2018) https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/site-updates-news/hostpapa-black-friday-deals/ Thu, 22 Nov 2018 15:59:59 +0000 http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/?p=29105 Hostpapa Black Friday Promotions

Here are the 2018 Black Friday deals for HostPapa

Promotion End Date

November 27th, 2018




Get To Know: HostPapa

HostPapa is a “green” hosting company, which if you’ve never heard of, is a hosting provider that manages to offset their power usage through renewable energy to power their servers and office. As for the service itself, HostPapa offers feature rich plans and stable server performances at an affordable sign up price. Plus, you get the benefit of being a environmental-friendly website.

As for our HostPapa review, they excel at a number of things such as responsive live chat support, multiple hosting options, flexibility to upgrade your plans, 99.9% uptime guarantee and affordable signup prices. Though their renewal price tend to be on the expensive side.

HostPapa is currently headquartered in Ontario, Canada and has offices in the U.S. The company was founded by Jamie Opalchuk back in 2006 and provides a number of hosting services such as Shared, VPS, WordPress, and Reseller hosting.

To claim the deal, click on the activation link and head over to https://www.hostpapa.com/

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FTC Disclosure: WHSR receives referral fees from hosting companies listed on this website. Our opinions are based on real experience and actual hosting service data. Please read our review policy to understand how we rate a web host.

Hostinger Black Friday Deals (2018) https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/site-updates-news/hostinger-black-friday/ Thu, 22 Nov 2018 15:59:53 +0000 http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/?p=29104 Hostinger Black Friday Deals

Here are the 2018 Black Friday deals for Hostinger

Link Activation (Click)

Up to 90% Off for all hosting plans

Promotion End Date

December 12th, 2018



My take on Hostinger Black Friday deal

The price tags of $1.45/mo for 24-month and 0.80/mo for 48-month subscription plus a free domain are tempting but I am turned off by the long subscription period. Ideally, for shared hosting, we want to signup for not more than 2 years.

For alternatives, you might want to check out Black Friday deals from A2 Hosting (67% OFF, $1.98/mo) and HostPapa ($1/mo for 36-month plan) this year.

Important Note

All Hostinger discounts will be for all annual plans, 3 – 36 months, for new customers only and can’t be combined with any other offer.



Get To Know: Hostinger

With a strong localized team, Hostinger has been around for over 10 years and have steadily built an international fanbase that’s spread out across 39 countries. From beginner risk-free hosting to advanced VPS cloud infrastructure, Hostinger aims to cater to as wide audience as possible. As a result, Hostinger is now home to over 29 million global users.

Our review of Hostinger narrows them down as a solid choice for users who want an affordable web host. Especially if they are a beginner or have a tight budget to work with. While they might not be the cheapest, they still offer all the essentials of a web host.

Hostinger was launched back in 2004 and was originally located at Kaunas, Lithuania. The company today has offices all over the world and offers a wide range of hosting services which include Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and even a website builder.

To claim the deal, click on the activation link and head over to https://www.hostinger.com/

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FTC Disclosure: WHSR receives referral fees from hosting companies listed on this website. Our opinions are based on real experience and actual hosting service data. Please read our review policy to understand how we rate a web host.

SiteGround Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals (2018) https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/site-updates-news/siteground-black-friday-deals/ Thu, 22 Nov 2018 15:59:37 +0000 http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/?p=29061 SiteGround Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2018


SiteGround Black Friday / Cyber Monday promo details

Promotion End Date

November 27th, 2018



* Deal extended and expires on Tuesday.

My take on SiteGround 2018 Black Friday promo

Reliable servers, free site migration, choice of server locations in Asia, Europe, and United States, Let’s Encrypt Standard and Wild Card SSL support – SiteGround is already a steal at its normal signup price.

This (crazy) Black Friday 75% discount makes SiteGround an even better choice – if you are looking for a fast web host in Asia / Europe / United States – this is the deal to jump in.

For existing WordPress users – SiteGround has recently launched our unique WordPress Аuto Migrator – which helps non-technical WordPress users transfer their websites seamlessly to their servers. This makes transferring a WordPress site to SiteGround very easy.

Alternatively, if you’re willing to check out other hosting providers, InterServer (50% lifetime discounts) and A2 Hosting (67% OFF, $1.98/mo) offer equally tempting deals.

Important note

SiteGround Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will be live from November 23, 2018, 00:00 CST to November 27, 2018, 00:00 CST. The special prices of SiteGround hosting services will be valid only within the sale dates.



Get to know: SiteGround

A reliable hosting company that provides solid hosting performance and tons of innovative features, Siteground has build up a reputation for being a worry-free hosting solution for both new and experienced users. Aside from their reliable servers (which manages to hit 100% uptime during our testing periods), their hosting plans offers features such as free Let’s Encrypt Standard and Wild Card SSL for website security.

We’ve reviewed Siteground and came to the conclusion that they are a solid choice, if you know what your needs are for your website. They offer premium and reliable hosting service that’s reasonably priced and decent support via email.

Siteground started out in 2004 by a group of university friends. They currently host more than 1,000,000 domains and offers multiple hosting plans which include Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Cloud Hosting.

Again – to claim SiteGround this year deal, click on the activation link and head over to https://www.siteground.com/

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InMotion Hosting Black Friday Deals (2018 / Exclusive) https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/site-updates-news/inmotion-hosting-black-friday-deals/ Thu, 22 Nov 2018 15:59:35 +0000 http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/?p=29084

2018 Black Friday deals for InMotion Hosting

Promotion End Date:

November 30th, 2018



What I think about InMotion Black Friday offers

One of the best hosting providers in my book, InMotion Hosting is offering a rare Black Friday deal with a discount of $3.99/mo for their hosting plan. This deal is definitely a steal for a 5-star hosting service and given how exclusive the deal is, definitely makes it much more attractive.

While I definitely recommend InMotion Hosting’s deal, SiteGround (75% OFF on all shared plans) and  A2 Hosting (67% OFF, $1.98/mo) are also offering Black Friday deals that are worth checking out.

Important note

This InMotion Hosting deal is exclusive and only for WHSR visitors. Promotion will be live till November 30th, 2018, special prices of will be valid only within the sale dates for new customers only.



Get To Know: InMotion Hosting

They might not be household names but InMotion Hosting is one of the few hosting companies that offers truly exception server performances. They manage to consistently give high uptime rates (>99.95%), fast page loading (TTFB <450ms), and still provide fantastic customer service. If that’s not enough, we’ve been using their services to host this very website as well!

Our InMotion Hosting review says that InMotion Hosting is recommended for small-to-medium size business sites, Forum sites, WordPress-based sites, and even Joomla and Drupal sites. Also, they give you the ability to scale up, which helps future proof your website as well.

InMotion Hosting is currently based in Los Angeles, California and was established in 2001. Some of the hosting services they offer are Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Reseller Hosting.

To claim this Black Friday deal, click this link to activate and head over to https://www.inmotionhosting.com/

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FTC Disclosure: WHSR receives referral fees from hosting companies listed on this website. Our opinions are based on real experience and actual hosting service data. Please read our review policy to understand how we rate a web host.

GreenGeeks Black Friday Deals (2018) https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/site-updates-news/greengeeks-black-friday-deals/ Thu, 22 Nov 2018 15:59:33 +0000 http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/?p=29125 GreenGeeks Black Friday Discounts

Here are the 2018 Black Friday deals for GreenGeeks

Promotion End Date

November 26th, 2018



My take on GreenGeeks 2018 Black Friday promo

GreekGeeks Black Friday promotion doesn’t strike as a great deal to me. The price cut of $2.95/mo from $3.95/mo for their 36-month subscription is not as big of a discount compared other hosting companies.

I would recommend checking out  InterServer (50% lifetime discounts) and A2 Hosting (67% OFF, $1.98/mo), and SiteGround (75% OFF on all shared plans) who are offering bigger discounts for their hosting plans.

Important note

This GreenGeeks discounts is only for new customers who signup on 36-month subscription.



Get To Know: GreenGeeks

Known for their eco-friendly approach, GreenGeeks is a green web hosting company that’s certified and recognized by the EPA Green Power Partner. The company claims to offer “300% Green Web Hosting Powered by Renewable Energy”, which is considered the industry’s top. Aside from their green initiatives, GreenGeeks are known for their fast loading speeds and secure hosting environment.

As reviewed by Timothy, GreenGeeks is a great choice for the environmental conscious website owner as they offer excellent server speed, newbie-friendly features (site builder and free site migration), and multiple server locations while still being green-powered. The downsides, however, are mixed uptime performances, high renewal pricing, and less-than-average customer support.

GreenGeeks was established back in 2006 and is currently located in Agoura Hills, CA. They currently offer three main hosting plans: Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Reseller Hosting.

To claim the deal, head over to https://www.greengeeks.com/

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FTC Disclosure: WHSR receives referral fees from hosting companies listed on this website. Our opinions are based on real experience and actual hosting service data. Please read our review policy to understand how we rate a web host.

Hostgator Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals (2018) https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/site-updates-news/hostgator-black-friday-deals/ Thu, 22 Nov 2018 15:59:28 +0000 http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/?p=29075 Hostgator Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Hostgator Black Friday / Cyber Monday promo details

Promotion End Date

November 26th, 2018



What I think about Hostgator Black Friday deals 2018

At first glance, 65% off for their plans sounds like a great deal but Hostgator has offered better Black Friday deals in previous years.

Still, it’s a good deal and I highly recommend them if you’re interested in using their cloud hosting plan.

Alternatively, if you’re willing to check out other hosting providers, InterServer (50% lifetime discounts), Cloudways (30% OFF for 3 months), and SiteGround (75% OFF on all shared plans) offer equally tempting deals.

Important note

Hostgator runs daily and hourly-flash sales (extra 5% discount) through out the weekend. I am not allowed to post hourly-flash sales codes but here are the flash sales hours.

  • Nov 22, 2018: CST 00:00 – 00:59
  • Nov 22, 2018: CST 10:00 – 10:59
  • Nov 22, 2018: CST 17:00 – 17:59
  • Nov 23, 2018: CST 00:00 – 00:59
  • Nov 23, 2018: CST 10:00 – 10:59
  • Nov 23, 2018: CST 14:00 – 14:59
  • Nov 23, 2018: CST 17:00 – 17:59

  • Nov 24, 2018: CST 00:00 – 00:59
  • Nov 24, 2018: CST 10:00 – 10:59
  • Nov 24, 2018: CST 17:00 – 17:59
  • Nov 26, 2018: CST 00:00 – 00:59
  • Nov 26, 2018: CST 10:00 – 10:59
  • Nov 26, 2018: CST 17:00 – 17:59

CST = Central Standard Timezone. All discounts will be for all annual plans, 12 – 36 months, for new customers only and can’t be combined with any other offer.



Get to know: Hostgator

After being acquired by the Endurance International Group (EIG), Hostgator introduced a new plan that focuses on cloud hosting. The Hostgator Cloud Hosting plan aims to be a simple to set up hosting solution that’s reasonably priced for bloggers and small websites. Aside from their cloud hosting, they still offer shared, VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting plans.

Based on our review, Hostgator is definitely a good choice for beginners and small/individual bloggers who wants a hosting solution that’s reasonably priced, packed with features, and offers solid server performance. However, their downsides include expensive renewal fees and an overpriced website builder.

Hostgator was founded by Brent Oxley back in 2002. In 2012, Oxley sold the company to EIG for an unofficial figure of $225 million. The company now has offices in Houston, Austin, Sao Paulo, and Florianopolis.

Again, to claim Hostgator 2018 Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, head over to https://www.hostgator.com/

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FTC Disclosure: WHSR receives referral fees from hosting companies listed on this website. Our opinions are based on real experience and actual hosting service data. Please read our review policy to understand how we rate a web host.

A2 Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals (2018) https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/site-updates-news/a2-hosting-black-friday-deals/ Thu, 22 Nov 2018 15:59:25 +0000 http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/?p=29097 A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals start now!


2018 Black Friday deals for A2 Hosting


  • Code Coupon 1: SAVEBIG – 67% off all Shared Hosting Plans (starting at $1.98/m)
  • Code Coupon 2: BLKVPS – 50% off all Fully Managed VPS Servers

Click here to get A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals

Promotion End Date:

November 27th, 2018



Important note

All A2 Hosting Black Friday discounts will be for all annual plans, 12 – 36 months, for new customers only and can’t be combined with any other offer.

* Deal extended and expires on Tuesday, November 27th 2018.



Get To Know: A2 Hosting

Widely regarded as the fastest shared hosting provider in the industry. A2 Hosting revolutionized the shared hosting industry with their exceptional server speed, great uptimes, and a quality support team. Using technology such as Railgun Optimizer, pre-configured server caching, and SSD storage, they are currently the leaders of shared hosting speed.

We’ve reviewed A2 Hosting and came to the verdict that they are a great choice for anyone who wants a stable and fast website. Plus, you get high-performance servers, impressive uptimes, and a wide range of plans at responsible prices.

A2 Hosting was established in 2001 and was originally known as “Inquinet”. They then renamed it to A2 Hosting in 2003 in honor of the founder’s hometown, Ann Arbour, Michigan.

To claim this Black Friday deal, click this link to activate and head over to https://www.a2hosting.com/

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FTC Disclosure: WHSR receives referral fees from hosting companies listed on this website. Our opinions are based on real experience and actual hosting service data. Please read our review policy to understand how we rate a web host.

BlueHost Black Friday Deals (2018) https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/site-updates-news/bluehost-black-friday-deals-2018/ Thu, 22 Nov 2018 15:59:22 +0000 http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/?p=29103 BlueHost Black Friday Deals

Link Activation (Click):

60% OFF – $2.65/mo for basic plan

Promotion End Date

November 27th, 2018



My take on BlueHost Black Friday Offer

The best Black Friday deal that BlueHost has to offer this year is a discount for their hosting plans, which puts it at $2.65/mo. Unfortunately for the hosting services that they offer, I feel that their Black Friday deals are not as attractive as other hosting providers.

I would recommend checking out deals from InterServer (50% lifetime discount, $2.50/mo)A2 Hosting (67% OFF, $1.98/mo), HostPapa ($1/mo for 36-month plan), and SiteGround (75% OFF on all shared annual hosting plans).

Important Note

BlueHost Black Friday deal will only be valid from Black Friday (November 23th) till Giving Tuesday (November 27th). BlueHost Basic Account allows only one domain per account. Monthly prices go back to $7.95/mo after first term.



Get To Know: BlueHost

Ever since their acquisition by the Endurance International Group (EIG), BlueHost has revamped and redesign its website to include a number of new hosting services such as VPS and Dedicated hosting plans. They are also one of the hosting companies that’s recommended by WordPress.org.

Our review of BlueHost basically boils down to it being a reasonable choice for bloggers and small businesses who wants a budget hosting solution. While they offer a ton of features (NGINX architecture, SSD storage, customer server cache, etc.) you’ll have pay extra to have access to it.

BlueHost was established by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in 2003. They were later sold to EIG in 2011 and are currently headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, U.S.

To claim the deal, head over to https://www.bluehost.com/

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FTC Disclosure: WHSR receives referral fees from hosting companies listed on this website. Our opinions are based on real experience and actual hosting service data. Please read our review policy to understand how we rate a web host.

InterServer Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals (2018) https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/site-updates-news/interserver-black-friday-deals/ Thu, 22 Nov 2018 15:59:19 +0000 http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/?p=29175 Interserver Black Friday Deals

InterServer Black Friday / Cyber Monday promo details

Promotion End Date

November 26th, 2018



* Deal extended and expires on Tuesday.

My take on InterServer Black Friday offer

InterServer (probably) has the best Black Friday offer this year.

Here’s what you’ll find in many Black Friday hosting deals –

  • Long subscription period – Minimum 36-month subscription for the best price, or
  • Limited features – Cheapest plan only allows one domain, or
  • Expensive renewal fees – Expensive renewal fees once first tenure is over.

Not with InterServer Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal this year.

In this offer, InterServer Unlimited Web Hosting package will be discounted by 50% for the lifetime of the account.

During your tenure with InterServer – your account price is locked at $2.50/mo; and you’ll get the same features as with all other InterServer users – unlimited support and disk storage, unlimited domain, weekly backup, free site migrations, and one domain registration at $1.99 for the first year.

To claim this deal, head over to https://www.interserver.net/

Important Note

InterServer Black Friday offer is only valid for new customers; lasts from Black Friday (November 23th) till Cyber Monday (November 26th).



Get To Know: InterServer

InterServer is less mainstream but it’s hard to look past them once you get to know the company.

Founded by Michael Lavrik and John Quaglieri, InterServer is a New Jersey-based company that’s been in the game since 1999. Initially launching as a virtual hosting account re-seller, the hosting provider has grown over the past 17 years and now operates two data centers in New Jersey and is in the process of expanding to additional locations, including Los Angeles.

I did an online interview with Interserver co-founder Michael in September 2014 and visited the company’s HQ in Secaucus, New Jersey in August 2016.

At this point of writing, InterServer is one of the few hosting companies that has a 5-star rating at WHSR. You can learn more about the InterServer in my review.

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FTC Disclosure: WHSR receives referral fees from hosting companies listed on this website. Our opinions are based on real experience and actual hosting service data. 

WP Engine Black Friday Deals (2018) https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/site-updates-news/wpengine-black-friday-deals/ Thu, 22 Nov 2018 15:59:02 +0000 http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/?p=29068 WP Engine 2018 Black Friday Deals

2018 Black Friday deals for WP Engine

Promotion End Date

November 26th, 2018



What I think of WP Engine Black Friday offer

With 3.5 months free for their annual plans, WP Engine offers quite a good deal for this year’s Black Friday. I would recommend you to sign up for a 1-year term and test out their service. If you don’t like it, switch to a different Managed WordPress hosting provider.

Keep in mind, WP Engine charges a fee for extra features like GeoTarget ($15/mo) and Content Performance ($25/mo) – which you get free with some other Managed WP Hosts; and they do not provide any site migration services.

An alternative option would be to check out another managed WP hosting – WPX Hosting (95% off first month), which is offering great Black Friday deals.

Important note

In this Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal, WP Engine users get an additional 3 and a half months free in addition to the 2 months free you already get with any annual subscription! That’s 5 and a half months free. Monthly cost for WP Engine Startup Plan after discount: $35.00 $22.75/mo.

This WP Engine special offer will be valid only within the sale dates.



Get To Know: WP Engine

Focusing entirely on WordPress, WP Engine’s hosting services is built around the WordPress platform. Despite being a niche hosting provider, WP Engine has hosted a number of huge sites and bloggers such as HTC, FourSquare, SoundCloud, and Balsamiq. They are currently the most popular WordPress managed hosting provider.

We’ve reviewed their Startup Plan and ultimately came to the conclusion they are one of the top WordPress hosting services in the market. They are definitely a great choice who those who are primarily using WordPress and expect medium to high level traffic.

WP Engine was established back in 2010 and is currently headquartered in Austin, Texas. Their main service is their Managed WordPress hosting plan.

To claim the deal, head over to https://www.wpengine.com/

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FTC Disclosure: WHSR receives referral fees from hosting companies listed on this website. Our opinions are based on real experience and actual hosting service data. Please read our review policy to understand how we rate a web host.

TMD Hosting Black Friday Deals (2018) https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/site-updates-news/tmd-hosting-black-friday/ Thu, 22 Nov 2018 15:00:54 +0000 http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/?p=29167 TMD Hosting Black Friday 2018

Here are the 2018 Black Friday deals for TMD Hosting

Link Activation (Click):

  • Starter Package at $1.99/mo (78% discount from normal rates)
  • Additional 25% discount for Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting Packages
  • 50% off for the first month of VPS and Dedicated Server Packages

Click: $1.99/mo TMD Hosting Starter Plan

Promotion End Date

November 26th, 2018




Get To Know: TMD Hosting

With over 10 years of hosting experience, TMDHosting has gone from a single data center in Houston, Texas, to multiple data centres located all over the U.S. and Amsterdam. They also have global hosting locations including United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, Japan, and Australia. As a performance oriented provider, you can expect to have access to features such as NGINX servers and basic caching on their Starter Plan.

Our review of TMDHosting scored high marks due to their fast loading speed and reliable server uptimes. In addition to that, their plans are reasonably priced and they have a great customer support team.

TMDHosting started out back in 2007 and was based in Orlando, Florida. The company now has data centers located in Chicago, IL, Phoenix, AZ, Houston, TX, and in Amsterdam, Netherlands. They offer a wide range of hosting services including web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers.

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FTC Disclosure: WHSR receives referral fees from hosting companies listed on this website. Our opinions are based on real experience and actual hosting service data. 

Cloudways Black Friday Deals (2018) https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/site-updates-news/cloudways-black-friday-deals-2018/ Thu, 22 Nov 2018 14:59:56 +0000 http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/?p=29115

Here are the 2018 Black Friday deals for Cloudways

Promotion End Date

November 30th, 2018



My take on Cloudways Black Friday Offer

At 30% OFF for 3 months of their plan, Cloudways is one of the few Cloud Hosting management companies that are offering discounts (which is already rare to begin with). I personally think that it’s an offer worth taking, especially if you’re interested in trying out cloud hosting technology.

Though if you’re still wary of cloud hosting, a great alternative would be to check out the SiteGround Black Friday deal (75% OFF on all shared annual hosting plans).

Important Note

Cloudways Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will be live till November 27, 2018, 00:00 CST. The special prices of Cloudways hosting services will be valid only within the sale dates.



Get To Know: Cloudways

As a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), Cloudways has been making its mark in the hosting industry with its cloud hosting services. While they offer powerful and speedy cloud hosting, they are catered more towards experienced users. However, they do have easy installation for popular apps such as WordPress and support multiple cloud providers.

Our case study on Cloudways gave us a rare insight on their innerworkings and how their cloud hosting services differs from most other cloud hosting providers.

Cloudways began its journey in 2011 when it was founded by Pere Hospital, Aaqib Gadit, and Uzair Gadit. The vision behind Cloudways was to be a platform that lets anyone use cloud hosting in a simple manner.

Want to get more Black Friday deals? Check out our huge Black Friday Deals page which list out the big deals and promotions from a ton of hosting providers!

To claim the deal, head over to https://www.cloudways.com/

More Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Want to get more Black Friday deals? Check out our huge Black Friday Deals page which list out the big deals and promotions from a ton of hosting providers!



FTC Disclosure: WHSR receives referral fees from hosting companies listed on this website. Our opinions are based on real experience and actual hosting service data. Please read our review policy to understand how we rate a web host.

Best Blogging Practices For Nonprofit Blogs https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/blogging-tips/best-blogging-practices-for-nonprofit-blogs/ Wed, 14 Nov 2018 05:02:26 +0000 http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/?p=28688 A blog is more than just a way to post stats and press releases about your company. In fact, used properly, blogging for nonprofit can be an indispensable tool to further strengthen the brand of your business and inject a bit of humanity as well.

If you want to try blogging for charity, then there are a couple of practices that you need to adopt in order to make it the best blog it can be.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that a lot of the non-profit blog ideas are similar for blogs in general. That’s because, ultimately, whether you’re trying to be one of the nonprofit blogs or not, it’s all about creating content that resonates with your readers.

So, let’s get started!

Communicating With Your Users

The biggest mistake that most people do when blogging for non-profits is to not engage with their audience/users. A blog is not just place for you put up articles about your charity drive and company accomplishments, it can also be a place to communicate directly with your audience.

When you put up a blog post or an article, ask your audience what they think about it. Doing so will not only start a dialogue between you and your users, but it also humanizes your organization. If you’re blogging for charity, giving your staff a voice helps remind users that the people running your organization or business are real people and not just some corporate machine.

Real life examples

Utilizing online marketing, PR, and social media, M+R is one of the top nonprofit blogs that not only communicates with its users but also asks for their help directly.

M+R is a nonprofit social media organization that helps other nonprofit gain recognition for their cause.

Every year, they perform the “Benchmarks Study” which is a huge study on nonprofits that had successfully managed to raise awareness and funds to support their programs. To get as much data as possible, M+R is reaching out to its readers to contribute to their 2019 study by volunteering to be part of their survey.

And, for those that participated in the study, M+R will give an individualized analysis of their organization and compare it to other organizations of similar size and type. This a great example of engaging with your audience and encouraging to participate for a good cause.

Hire Writers Or Get Guest Bloggers

Keeping with up a consistent blogging schedule can overwhelming, especially if you’re just running it by yourself. If you’re having trouble figuring out nonprofit blog ideas, then hiring a freelancer or an intern to write for you might be the solution.

With a team of writers, you can easily spread out your blogging duties to reduce the workload. Plus, it makes scheduling your blog posts a lot easier by assigning each person an article a month or setting a quota for your team.

If you’re not ready to expand your writing team yet, you can also opt for guest bloggers to contribute to your blog. Whether it be your constituents, board members, volunteers or experts in the industry, using a guest blogger offers a ton of advantages.

In addition to having more blog content (that you don’t need to write yourself), guest bloggers can bring fresh perspectives that you might not consider. If they are a supporter, they might share personal stories that relate to your cause or how your organization have helped them. Plus, they are more likely to share their work on their network, further increasing your credibility and reach.

Show Your Authors

The sole purpose of starting a nonprofit blog is to show a human side to your organization and to steer clear of the typical awareness or donation-seeking approach. Not only does showing authorship to your content humanizes your organization, but it also lets your readers put a face to your blog, which makes them more relatable.

The easiest way to to do this is to add author biographies to your blog posts. You can even do take it a step further posting articles that highlight staffs, writers, and even volunteers to your organization.

Real life examples

NonProfit Pro adds a picture to all blog post to show their authors.

Nonprofit Pro is a great resource for nonprofit professionals but they way they highlight their contributors is a great example of to showcase your authors. As soon as you load up their blog page, you’ll see the author’s picture along with the article. Scroll down further you’ll see the entire staff bloggers picture, which you can click on to see more information.

Even if you’re blogging for charity, if your readers can’t see the people who make up your nonprofit, it’ll be hard for them to connect to a faceless organization.

Share Compelling Stories

If you want your blog posts to connect to your readers, they need to be able to invoke powerful emotion. The best way to do this is to share personal and compelling stories about your nonprofit.

Telling these stories via video or visual content is also a great way to inspire and inform your audiences as well.

Real life examples

Eddie Vedder shares his story on EB and how he’s supporting the cause.

EB Research Partnership launched a video campaign called “Cause The Wave”, which gives viewers an up close and personal look of three individuals living with EB. Through the video, EBRP managed to create a powerful connection with its viewers by showing the personalities of the victims of EB.

Plus, they also had Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, who is also an EBRP board member, share his own story of how and why he adopted the cause as his own, to give the organization more weight.

Of course, if you’re not capable of making videos, visual content such as illustrations or even infographics can be a great way to communicate your nonprofit aims in a compelling manner. Just remember that the basis of all your nonprofit blog ideas should revolve around content that is compelling.

Put A Spotlight On Your Volunteers

Just as it’s important to highlight the cause of your nonprofit and its staff, it’s equally important to highlight your volunteers as well.

If there are people volunteering to your cause, whether it be through fundraising, being a committee member, or even guest blogging, it’s important to highlight them from time-to-time and showcase how they’ve been helping your organization.

The benefits of putting a spotlight on your volunteers is that: A. It validates your volunteers for the time and effort they’ve put in; B. You’ll inspire others to get involved; C. people are more likely to share their volunteer efforts to their friends and family, which helps spread awareness and lead people back to your blog.

Real life examples

PAWS celebrate their volunteers by giving a page dedicated to them.

PAWS is a great example of how to showcase and highlight your volunteers. Not only do they list who their volunteers of the year are, but they also hold a Volunteer Appreciation Party to celebrate their volunteers.

You don’t have to go as far as an event to celebrate your volunteers. A simple blog post or even a video (just like this one by the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando) that thanks and acknowledges your volunteers is more than enough.

Reusing and Repurposing Content

When you’re blogging for charity, there’s a high chance you’ll come across a number of frequently asked questions by your visitors. Most of the time, these questions probably have stock answers already, but your audience just doesn’t know where to find them.

This is where repurposing and reusing old content as new blog posts can help solve these issues. While an FAQ page is useful for these occasions, creating a blog post allows you to answer specific questions or topics and go into greater details.

Questions such as “How do I grow my nonprofit blog?” or, “What writing strategies should I know as a fundraiser?” are nonprofit blog ideas that you can explore. You can even write articles that go in-depth about your industry by explaining terminologies, listing out resources, or even highlighting experts or bloggers.

These evergreen topics are relatively easy to write and they can exist forever on your blog. Plus, if you have it optimized for search engines, it’ll make it easier for users to find the information when they are looking for it.

Don’t Forget To Choose A Good Web Host

While your nonprofit blog might have compelling content and offer tons of information to your audience, all of it is pointless if you can’t keep your blog (and website) online consistently.

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of nonprofit blogs often do is to not make web hosting a priority when they first started out. This leads to a lot of headaches down the line when the hosting provider is not capable of handling an increase in traffic and/or goes down often due to terrible server performance.

It’s always a good idea to research which is the best hosting companies for you before you launch your nonprofit blog.

Some of the key ingredients for a good web host include consistent uptime rates (99.95% and above), packed with features (SSD storage, 1-click installation, etc), friendly user-interface, reputable company, and affordable pricing.

As a nonprofit, you’re probably dependent on donations to help run your website but that doesn’t mean you should choose the cheapest host around. Invest in a quality hosting provider so that you don’t have to worry about your nonprofit blog going offline.

In Summary

Running a blog for charity is a noble cause, but it’ll be better if you can make the blog a success as well. Read and follow the best blogging practices we’ve listed above you’ll be sure to take your nonprofit blog from grassroots to a movement.

CloudFlare Offers Domain Registration With Zero Markup https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/web-hosting-guides/cloudflare-offers-domain-registration-with-zero-markup/ Mon, 05 Nov 2018 04:17:26 +0000 http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/?p=28667 Cloudflare is looking to make a move into the domain registrar market as they announced their newly launched service for domain registration with Cloudflare Registrar. The web performance and security company made the announcement recently on their blog, which details their reasoning for the new service.

Screenshot of Cloudflare’s tweet on September 27, 2018.

But what does it mean for you, the average user?

Well, a lot of things actually. Cloudflare’s decision to launch their own domain registrar looks to rock the industry because of the way they are approaching the service.

All TLDs Are Guaranteed Wholesale Price

With the internet becoming commonplace for today’s businesses, domain name registrations is one of the fundamental aspects of every website creation. Ever since it was first introduced in the 90s, domain name registration has improved vastly and included a number of wide domain extensions (.org, .net., .io, etc.).

While domains are reasonably priced for the first year (you could get a domain name for as cheap as $0.99), the prices tend to vary between different domain name registrars and reseller hosting companies, and will often increase significantly when you renew.

Plus, all domain registrars will mark-up the prices as part of their service fees. This is where Cloudflare’s domain registration service stands out as they promised that all domain names purchased from them will be at a wholesale price.

Cloudflare domain name service fee (source: Cloudflare)

Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare, wrote –

From the price side, it’s even simpler: we promise to never charge you anything more than the wholesale price for each TLD charges. That’s true the first year and it’s true every subsequent year. If you register your domain with Cloudflare Registrar you’ll always pay the wholesale price with no markup.

Rocking the domain business landscape

This essentially puts Cloudflare as one of the cheapest places for domain registration due to their zero markup of their services. Unless they offer some form of value-added services or match Cloudflare’s pricing, there’s really no reason to use other domain name registrars such as GoDaddy, NameCheap, or Domain.com.

The reasoning behind the zero markups is due to Cloudflare believing that there shouldn’t be any extra charges when you want to register a domain name for your website as it’s a fairly simple process.

“Registering a domain is a commodity”, writes Prince. “There’s no meaningful difference between any of the existing mass market registrars. Each top-level domain registry (TLDs like .com, .org, .info, .io, etc) sets a wholesale price for registering a domain under them. These prices are known and remain relatively consistent over time. All the registrar does is record you as the owner of a particular domain. That just involves sending some commands to an API. In other words, domain registrars are charging you for being a middle-man and delivering essentially no value to justify their markup.”

To further cement their promise for providing a transparent and affordable domain registering services, they have publicly avowed any up-sell techniques to their services. Also, Cloudflare will not operate any form of domain name marketplace or auctions to discourage domain name speculations, which can lead to high-priced domain names.

Beefed Up Security For Domain Names

While they are known for offering free Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS certificates, their high-security measures go beyond just their CDN or SSL services. They also have a Custom Domain Protection service, which is part of their Enterprise Registrar product for those who want next-level security.

Every client using Custom Domain Protection defines their own process for updating records. For instance, if a Custom Domain Protection client wants us to not change their DNS records unless 6 different individuals call us, in order, from a set of predefined phone numbers, each reading multiple unique passcodes, and telling us their favorite ice cream flavor, on a Tuesday that is also a full moon, we will enforce that. Literally.

Given the fact that the service is not scalable, it would cost a premium for them to offer it as part of their domain name registrar services. Instead, Cloudflare will include a number of security services with their domain names that still allows them to have zero markups.

“From the security side, we promise we’ll allow you to enable two-factor authentication, we’ll lock your domain registration by default, and automatically enable best-practice security services like DNSSEC.”

Switching Over To Cloudflare

If you want to register a new domain name with Cloudflare, you can’t. Not yet at least. The service is currently limited to existing Cloudflare users who want to transfer their existing domains to their platform.

Those who are current customers can sign up for an Early Access to receive an invitation for the domain name transition process. For new customers, it might be a while before you’re able to use their domain name services as they are prioritizing customers who have been with them longer.

It might be some time before Cloudflare domain name services go public. In the meantime, why not check out our guide for buying a domain name which lists some of the cheapest places to buy a domain name.

Best Hosting for Small Business Compared (2019) https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/web-hosting-guides/5-best-web-hosting-for-small-businesses/ Sun, 04 Nov 2018 03:03:38 +0000 http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/?p=26582 One key lesson I learned from reviewing dozens of hosting services is that a good web host might not always be the right web host.


Because different kinds of websites will have different needs.

Some web hosts might be good in certain areas – such as speed and latest technology; while others might focus on providing a stable server and cheaper rate. A “good web host” does not always guarantee 100% users 100% satisfaction.

This is especially true when it comes to business website hosting. As a business owner myself – I truly understand why businesses are often cautious and picky about their web host. You need to stick with the right service at the right price and right quality. The “best” web host may not be the best choice.




FTC Disclosure

WHSR receive referral fees from companies mentioned in this page. Our opinions are based on real experience and actual server data. Please read our review policy page to understand how our host review and rating system works.



Critical Features for Small Business Hosting

Let’s get to know some of the must-have features in a good business hosting.

  • Cheap Price – Budget is always a big issue for small businesses. So, most owners will consider the overall cost of building a website (which include web hosting cost) in the first place.
  • Reliability – Every big thing starts small. Good reliability and higher hosting uptime are the foundations that you must have to get your website bigger and better.
  • Scalability – Your business will grow, so your web host must be able to coup with it. For starters – always start small with an affordable shared hosting and upgrade (ie. to VPS or cloud hosting) when your business takes off.
  • SSL Certificate – There are multiple factors that can generate trust for online websites. SSL certificate is one of them, which, an absence can send many potential customers away.
  • Backup Service – It will be definitely hard to sleep if you have a good amount of money at stake. Automated backup services will ensure you that whatever happens, you won’t lose your website.



Small Business Websites Hosting Compared

After evaluating all the good web hosts around, I have come down to a list of companies that perfectly fit the needs of most small-business owners.

Web Host Entry Price Free Trial SSH Access Email Hosting Free SSL certificate Free Site Migration Easy Backup *
InMotion Hosting $3.99/mo 90 days Yes Yes Auto SSL & Let’s Encrypt Yes Standard
SiteGround $3.95/mo 30 days Yes Yes Auto SSL & Let’s Encrypt Yes Standard + Special Built-In
Cloudways $10/mo No Yes No Let’s Encrypt First site only Standard + Special Built-In
Hostinger $1.45/mo 30 days (Premium Plans Only) Yes (Premium Plans Only) No Standard
Interserver $5/mo 30 days Yes Yes Auto SSL & Let’s Encrypt Yes Standard


* For standard site backup – user can backup and restore sites using cPanel, cron, or Softaculous. In most cases “Standard + Special Built-in Backup Features” is better.


Best Web Host for Small to Medium Business

Now let’s dig in and review each of these business hosting services!

1. InMotion Hosting

Website: https://www.inmotionhosting.com

InMotion Business Hosting

Inmotion Hosting offers SSD-based Shared Business Hosting on their servers located at the East and the West Coast of United States. You have the option to choose one of them.

Shared plans are basically budget-friendly which includes one free domain name and one free SSL certificate. They also offer advanced hosting plans such as VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting for websites in need of more CPU resources.

Regardless of the plan, their server uptime is mostly above 99.95% with good latency in the US.

Their service is backed up by all three methods of support (live chat, phone and email ticket). Contacting via phone call is the quickest way to get your problem solved professionally.

Quick review

InMotion hosting = best business hosting
Recent speed test at InMotion Hosting: TTFB = 431ms.
Latest discount on InMotion Hosting
Special discount for WHSR users at InMotion Hosting – Save 57% on first bill.


  • Solid server performance – Good uptime (>99.95%) and response time (< 450ms)
  • Big first-time discount on shared hosting plans – save up to 57%
  • Free domain registration, SSL Certificate and automated daily backup
  • SSD storage and peered connection technology for up to 6x faster website
  • 90-days safe hosting period with no-question-asked refund policy
  • Free website migration – good for busy business owners


  • Server location USA only
  • Must go through phone verification for account activation


  • Shared business hosting starts at $5.99/month (regular $7.99/month)

More about Inmotion Hosting in my review.

Tip: Which hosting plan is good for small / medium business?

For new and small businesses – Start with InMotion Power Hosting Plan – at $5.99/mo, customers can host up to 6 domains with free SSL for all domains and all essential e-commerce features ready.

Upgrade to VPS-1000HA-S or VPS-2000HA-S later as your business grows.





2. SiteGround

Website: https://www.siteground.com

SiteGround has achieved the highest customer satisfaction in the last couple of years with their helpful live chat support being one of the highlights.

Their servers use NGINX, HTTP/2 in conjunction with SuperCacher technology to maximize the website speed. It can save a big 7% loss of conversion that could just happen in 1 second of load delay (source).

All SiteGround plans feature one-click SSL installation and the shared plans have Let’s Encrypt SSL for free. Shared plans also come with a free automated daily backup service for better peace of mind.

Quick review

SiteGround Hosting uptime
SiteGround uptime in March 2018: 100%
SiteGround live chat record - suitable for businesses who want top-class live chat support
My chat record with SiteGround support – SiteGround has the best live chat support in market according to that study.
One of the key business hosting features - Free one-click-install SSL
Let’s Encrypt SSL is auto-installed to all SiteGround hosting accounts. To check your free standard Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates at SiteGround, login to cPanel > Security > SSL / TLS Manager > Certificates (CRT).


  • Great uptime (100% in most cases)
  • A straight 60% off on the first bill of any shared hosting
  • Choice of server location (America, Europe and Asia)
  • Officially recommended by WordPress.org and Drupal.org
  • Native 3-layer caching system for optimal performance (SuperCacher)
  • Let’s Encrypy Wildcard SSL (HTTPS) is auto-installed to all domains
  • Free website migration – good for busy business owners
  • WooCommerce-ready – Siteground pre-install and manage all you need for a WooCommerce site.


  • High renewal cost on shared hosting
  • SuperCacher is not available on the basic shared plan (StartUp)


  • Shared hosting starts at $3.95/month (regular $9.95/month)

More about SiteGround in my review.

Which SiteGround plan is best for small business?

SiteGround StartUp and WooCommerce Startup Package  are best hosting plan for small online businesses. SiteGround StartUp is great for hosting one business website – it comes with all essential features and suitable for business websites with less than 10,000 visits per month.

If you are running WordPress WooCommerce site (for retail businesses with inventories), go for SiteGround WooCommerce Hosting . All SiteGround’s WooCommerce plans come with auto-updater, pre-installed WooCommerce and Storefront theme, and Let’sEncrypt SSL.




3. Cloudways

Website: https://www.cloudways.com

Cloudways hosting for small to mid businesses

Cloudways might not be a household name in the hosting industry but they are currently making strides in cloud hosting. Or rather, cloud management to be exact.

What Cloudways offer is the ability to create a cloud server for your website and have it hosted on six cloud providers: Amazon (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Linode. If your website or project demands maximum power (for suddden traffic spike), then Cloudways ability to give you dedicated resources to improve your website speed and stability is a huge plus.

In addition to that, they also support a slew of performance-boosting technologies such as PHP7, Varnish, Nginx, Redis, Memcached, and HTTP/2.

If you’re not a technical person, Cloudways also supports automated installation for some of the popular CMS and apps such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, PrestaShop, and OpenCart.


Quick review

Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting Plans.

Cloudways user reviews


  • Ability to choose multiple cloud hosting providers
  • Easy install process for WordPress, PrestaShop, Drupal, etc.
  • Affordable cloud hosting management platform (cloud hosting as low as $10/mo)
  • Pay as you go – only pay for the resources your business site consumes
  • Simplicity – Beginner and developer friendly with Intuitive UI
  • Scalability – Flexbile to scale up and down as your business grow (or slow down)
  • Free website migration – good for busy business owners


  • Easy installer is only limited to 12 apps/CMS
  • Doesn’t not have any root access
  • Confusing for first time cloud hosting users
  • Free site transfer only available for first migration

More about Cloudways in Azreen’s in-depth case study.

Which is the best hosting plans for small businesses? 

Any Cloudways entry level plan is good for small business. At this time of writing, Cloudways Digital Ocean and Cloudways Vultr are running on the cheapest price. For $10/mo and $11/mo, you’ll get 1 GB server RAM and 25 GB storage to host your small business websites.





4. Hostinger

Website: https://www.hostinger.com

Hostinger for business websites

Hostinger has the cheapest and entrepreneur-friendly hosting services in our list. Start at as low as $1.45/month and upgrade to a premium plan later.

The $0/month hosting uses the same hardware (Intel Xenon processors and SSD storages) as their premium hosting which makes their service more transparent.

Hostinger premium plans are still cheaper than the market average featuring MariaDB (for a secured database), SSH Access (for better security) and pre-optimized servers for website speed.

Quick review

Hostinger = Affordable Business Hosting
It’s the innovative features that make Hostinger ticks.
Hostinger Server Uptime
We started tracking Hostinger in May 2017. Test site hosted at Hostinger has been up for the last 637+ hours at this point of writing. Besides the one hour scheduled maintenance in June 1st, the server has not gone down.


  • Very affordable price – $1.45/mo – best for small businesses looking for great deals
  • Free domain name and automated daily backup for Premium plans
  • Flexible VPS hosting plans (6 different levels)
  • Top-level data backups on VPS hosting accounts


  • SSL and auto backup only in Premium and Business plans
  • Price increases at renewal


  • Shared hosting starts at $2.15/month (regular $3.99/month)

More about Hostinger in Jason’s review.

Which Hostinger plan is right for small business websites?

Hostinger is the best business website hosting for those who are looking for cheapest plan. But bear in mind that you get what you pay for -some useful features, such as auto backup and free SSL, are available only in Premium or Business plans.  There’s only one shared plan that’s right for mid-sized businesses at Hostinger – the Business Plan. Starts at $7.95/mo, Hostinger Business Plan users get unlimited SSD store, free domain registration, daily backup, and free SSL.

I would recommend you avoid Hostinger Single or Premium plan if you are serious about your business.





5. InterServer

Website: https://www.interserver.com

Interserver for business web hosting

Founded by Michael Lavrik and John Quaglieri, InterServer is a New Jersey-based company that’s been in the game since 1999.

Initially launching as a virtual hosting account re-seller, the hosting provider has grown over the past 17 years and now operates two data centers in New Jersey and is in the process of expanding to additional locations.

The best thing about InterServer is their solid server performance, guaranteed email delivery, and locked-in signup price. The company pledge that they will never increase their price during renewal and keep them under 50% utilization for sudden traffic spikes. Also, the new Guaranteed Email Delivery feature ensure important business emails you sent will not be trapped in recipients’ junk box.

Quick review

Interserver - price locked during signup. Good for small businesses who want to control their budget
Interserver does not jack up their price during renewal.
Interserver speed test
Interserver speed test results from March 8th, 2018; TTFB = 222ms.


  • Good hosting uptime (>99.97%) and excellent server response time (<220ms)
  • Special discount: For new purchases, use promo code WHSRPENNY to try Interserver at $0.01/mo (first month only).
  • Flat price on all shared and VPS plans (no increase at renewals)
  • Free website migration – good for busy business owners


  • VPS hosting panel is not beginner friendly
  • No live chat support


  • Shared hosting starts at $5.00/month (same at renewal)

More about InterServer in my review.

Which InterServer hosting plan is business-friendly?

Interserver Standard Shared Hosting Plan is good enough for any new, or small businesses. Priced at $5/mo (for life), you’ll get all essential business hosting features plus automatic virus scanner, machine learning firewall, in-house caching, and guaranteed email delivery.




Know What Your Business Website Needs

So there you have it, the web hosting services that we think will perfectly suit the needs of any small-to-medium business owners for their website.

But of course, in order for you to choose the right web host, you need to know the needs of your business first. As I’ve mentioned earlier, smaller business websites tend to have peculiar needs and identifying them will go a long in choosing the perfect web host for you.

Some other points that you need to consider before choosing your web host are:

  • What are the software you need for your business? Pick a business hosting plan that allow you to auto-install those software
  • Where is your customers located at? Pick a website hosting that has servers close to your audience / customers
  • What is your business growth plan? Look for a host with VPS and dedicated upgrade options – so it allows you to grow with minimum hassles

The more you understand your business and its needs, the better and easier it will be to choose the right web host.

Last but not least, you should always remember that there is never a one-fix-all solution for your website. It’s all about finding the right balance of good features in a web host while still fullfilling the needs of your website.

Quick Wrap: Compare Best Small Business Hosting

Web Host Entry Price Free Trial SSH Access Email Hosting Free SSL certificate Free Site Migration Easy Backup *
InMotion Hosting $3.99/mo 90 days Yes Yes Auto SSL & Let’s Encrypt Yes Standard
SiteGround $3.95/mo 30 days Yes Yes Auto SSL & Let’s Encrypt Yes Standard + Special Built-In
Cloudways $10/mo No Yes No Let’s Encrypt First site only Standard + Special Built-In
Hostinger $1.45/mo 30 days (Premium Plans Only) Yes (Premium Plans Only) No Standard
Interserver $5/mo 30 days Yes Yes Auto SSL & Let’s Encrypt Yes Standard


Further Business Reading


How to Build a Website Like BuzzFeed with WordPress https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/wordpress-blog/how-to-build-a-website-like-buzzfeed-with-wordpress/ Thu, 01 Nov 2018 09:13:36 +0000 http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/?p=27651 Stop me if this has happened to you before. You saw a really interesting article at Buzzfeed and decide to check out. When you’re done reading that article, you decided to take a quiz there as well.

Before you know it, you’ve already spent hours there.

What the heck just happen?

That’s the power of viral websites like Buzzfeed, Upworthy, and ViralNova. The success that they’ve achieved have inspired a legion of bloggers attempting to recreate the same success on their website.

Here’s the thing, making a successful viral website like Buzzfeed is more than just posting cool memes and gifs. There is a lot that goes into it, starting with choosing the right domain name up to creating the right content and finding out ways to make money from it.

But, Is it possible to create a site like Buzzfeed?

Absolutely. In fact, in this article, we show you how to create a viral site like Buzzfeed on WordPress right from the beginning, all the way to the end bits such as monetization and social media.

If you’re ready to become the next Buzzfeed, then read on!



Table of Content / Quick Links



Step #1- Get A Domain Name That works

Playing The (Domain) Name Game

So, the first step that you need to do is to create and choose a domain name for your website. Some basic tips on choosing a domain name are to keep it as simple as possible, easy to remember, and just be as creative as possible (i.e. don’t be afraid to use made-up words!).

For those who need help coming up with domain names, you can easily use domain name generators for ideas. We recommend using sites such as Domainr, Wordroid, Name Station.

If you already have a domain name in mind, you can check whether it’s available at sites such as NameCheap. Once that’s done, you can then go ahead and buy/register your domain name at domain registrar service sites.

Coincidentally, you can use NameCheap to purchase and register your domain name as they have quite an affordable rate for .com and .net domain names.

Pick A Web Host

The next important step is to choose a hosting provider to host your website. Ideally, you would want to choose a web host that provides fast loading speed, high uptime rate, and is capable of dealing with large bandwidth/traffic.

Now, it’s impossible to choose the perfect web host as there’s just too many available online, but we definitely recommend using SiteGround (* affiliate link) as they offer solid performance overall and is suitable for both new and experienced users.

The great thing about SiteGround is that they are officially recommended by WordPress, which means they are optimized to offer the best performance for websites built on the WordPress platform.

Speaking of WordPress.

Step #2- Using WordPress To Build Your Site

Buying and registering a domain name?


Sign up for a web host?


Then it’s time to start creating your website.

Fun fact, you don’t really need a lot of products to get started.

You can use a CMS (Content Management System) platform such as WordPress to build a viral website that looks and functions like Buzzfeed, Upworthy, and more.

If you’re a beginner, we definitely recommend that you use WordPress as it’s a powerful and flexible platform that comes with thousands of plugins, themes, and support resources that you can use.

Plus, a website like Buzzfeed will require additional features such as quizzes, polls, member registration, and a platform for user-generated content, to name a few. WordPress offers a wide range of pre-existing solutions that you can use for your website that’s super affordable!

Setting up a WordPress website is fairly easy nowadays and a number of hosting companies even offer services to help launch a new site from scratch using WordPress.

However, if you want to do it yourself, we’ve written a handy guide that you can use to build a WordPress website from scratch.

Step #3 – Picking The Best Themes For A Viral Website

By now, you should already have the basic foundations done at this point. Now it’s time to focus on the fun part and that’s choosing a theme for your website.

The default WordPress theme has a very basic design, which is not great if you want to have a viral website like Buzzfeed. Thankfully, there are tons of premade WordPress themes that you can use to improve your website’s design.

In fact, we’ve collected the 10 best WordPress themes that are specifically designed for viral content and look similar to Buzzfeed.

1. Buzzz

Buzzz Theme Template

Buzzz has all the features and plugins that are focused on spreading the content on your site as easily as possible. It’s a great easy-to-use theme that’s great for viral websites and blogs.

The theme is optimized for loading speed and SEO, has a built-in review system, a customized section for different content types (trending, most liked, popular, etc.), a responsive layout, news ticker, customizable, and more.

2. Novapress

Novapress Theme Template

If you want to build a website that’s similar to ViralNova, then the Novapress theme is a perfect fit as it’s visually inspired by the popular viral website. The themes include a lot of features that you would need for building a viral website.

What you get with the theme is a responsive design and layout, an infinite scrolling effect, social media icons for sharing, optimized for loading speed and SEO, and the ability to easily customize the look and layout.

3. Newspaper

Newspaper Theme Template

Newspaper is a great WordPress theme that offers a lot of the same features and functionality that other top viral sites have. The theme itself borrows a lot of design elements from Buzzfeed, Distractify, and Upworthy.

It comes with a lot of different layouts, a variety of templates, and multiple customization options that you can choose from. This lets you create a site that’s truly unique, yet powerful with its versatility.

4. Bunchy

Bunchy Theme Template

Bunchy utilizes an “open lists” feature that gives your users the ability to submit their own content and submissions. This theme allows you to harness the power of user-generated content on your website.

User-generated content can be an effective way to exponentially grow your search traffic and audience if you’re lacking original content.

5. Boombox

With Boombox, you have a powerful and versatile theme that’s designed for viral content sites with multiple layout options that you can choose from.

The preset layouts or styles that Boombox offers include Boombox Original (viral website inspired theme), Lonely Panda (a theme inspired by BoredPanda), Buzzy (a theme that’s similar to Buzzfeed), and Another GAG (which is based on the popular 9Gag site).

6. Bimber

Bimber Theme Template

Bimber is one of the more popular WordPress themes that offers all of the features that you’ll need to create a viral website or blog.

Some of the features that are included in the theme are: creating listicles (list articles), creating custom badges, social media integration, great ad zones integration and dozens of features and customization options.

7. Cuckoo

Cuckoo Theme Template

Cuckoo is another great WordPress theme that takes advantage of the community features and functionality that’s found in bbPress and BuddyPress. This lets you create a community around your website.

In addition to the community features, the theme is also optimized for mobile devices to allow fast load times, front-end post submission, and more.

8. Presso

Presso Theme Template

The multipurpose WordPress theme Presso comes with 3 different layout styles which are: blog, magazine, and viral. All three 3 styles are unique in design and include a number of features.

Features such as built-in rating/review system, infinite scrolling system, off-canvas menu, ability to filter posts, a mobile-optimized version that’s responsive and fast, instant search, and Woocommerce integration so you can sell products on your site.

9. Vast Buzz

Vast Buzz Theme Template

Vast Buzz is a WordPress theme that’s developed with features, functionality, and design that’s similar to viral and “buzz”-style sites. The features that it offers gives you the best chance of reaching the most audiences.

A few features that the theme offers include interactive content that lets users react to each content with emotions (funny, WTF, wow, etc.), full-width and box layouts, customizable layouts via the built-in options panel, and a number of different styles/layouts to choose from.

10. Doberman

Doberman Theme Template

Doberman is another popular WordPress theme that’s styled after Buzzfeed and centers around viral and content sharing type websites.

Popular features that are available in the theme includes optimizing for sharing and virality, trending posts section, popular posts section, new/fresh post sections, and many more features that increase the likelihood of success for your website.

Step #4 – Creating Content That Will Go Viral

So now that you’ve got your website designed and ready to go, it’s time to put in content. Just like Buzzfeed, you’re going to have to make content that’s viral in nature.

Content such as memes, listicles, pop-culture related articles, and of course, quizzes are great content to get started with.

Just remember that even though you’re trying to build a website like Buzzfeed, you need to have your voice and style. The more unique your website is, the better your brand will stand out and amass a loyal fanbase.

When you’re first starting out, it’s important to set a schedule for yourself to post new content regularly. While bigger websites publish new content every day, it’s very hard to do if you’re a one-man operation.

We suggest you stick to a schedule and frequency that you’re capable of handling. A great example would be posting two to three new content per week, then ramping it up to new content daily once your website gets bigger.

If you need inspiration or ideas, it’s a good idea to visit similar sites and try to learn what type of content they are making. Just try not to steal or copy their content completely.

Step #5 – Growing Your Site And Going Viral

Content on your website pointless if you don’t have traffic coming in. If you want your viral website to be as successful as Buzzfeed, you need to improve your site’s traffic and user engagement.

If you’re a beginner, here are a few basic tips that to get you started and drive more traffic towards your website.

Take advantage of SEO

Search engine plays a major role in driving traffic towards your website and most popular websites get a majority of their traffic from sites such as Google. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very useful for improving a website’s ranking in search engines.

While WordPress is already SEO friendly from the beginning, there are other ways that you can use to ensure that your content is optimized for SEO, putting your website higher in search engine rankings.

For a comprehensive guide on SEO, check out this SEO 101 for beginners and first-time bloggers.

Make your site go fast

A lot of the viral website tends to load quite fast, even on slow internet connection. That’s not a coincidence. Website such as Buzzfeed knows that speed plays a major in providing users with a quality user experience while improving SEO.

Improving your website’s speed starts from choosing the right web host (which if you followed our recommendation, you should rock a pretty solid speed), however, there are other things that you can do to further fine-tune your server’s performance.

Check out this handy guide that shows you how to speed up your website for better search engine rankings.

Understand your users

If you want to make your website popular, you have to know what your users want. The most common mistake that beginners often do is to guess your user’s behaviour instead of using actual data.

Google Analytics is a great tool that you can install on your website to figure key metrics such as determining which pages on your site are popular, where most of your traffic comes from, the time your users spend on a page and loads more.

All these data can help you better understand what your users which will ultimately help improve your user engagement and make your site more popular.

Step #6 – Making Money From Your Website

You’ve got the website down. You’ve created loads of cool content, and you’re getting high traffic and user engagement.

At this point, you should probably consider monetizing your website.

Sites such as Buzzfeed rely on online advertisements and providing online marketing services to other businesses and advertisers. For beginners, it’s unlikely that you’ll get big advertisers to pay for ad space on your website.

Instead, you should focus on the following ways to generate a steady income from your website.

Using Google Adsense on your website

Google Adsense is by far the most common way to make money with your website. Whether you’re a blog or a viral website, Google Adsense makes it easy for you to display ads on your website.

The great thing about Google Adsense is that you don’t have to waste time trying to look for advertisers and to collect money. Google does it all for you, including getting the money from advertisers, which they will send to you after taking a small cut.

For a comprehensive guide to adding Google Adsense in WordPress, you can check out this guide.

Explore affiliate marketing

If you happen to discuss and recommend products and services to your audiences from time to time, you can use that to make money with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a great source of additional income as you can get a commission when users purchase a product by clicking on your referral link.

If you don’t have any particular products or services in mind, do a quick research and find the ones that compliment your website’s topic. One of the biggest affiliate networks that you can sign up with is Amazon Affiliate, which offers of thousands of products that you can choose from.

Taking advantage of social media

As your website starts to get bigger, you should also pay attention to your social media platforms as well.


Because, when you have a huge social media presence, you can use to it attract other brands to collaborate with you. Brands are more likely to approach you and do product placements or sponsored posts when you have massive social media following.

It’s important that you start building your following on key social media platforms as soon as possible. Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube are great platforms to attract big and small businesses.

Building up your social media presence is as simple as sharing posts from your website. Given that your website is creating viral content, that makes it perfect for sharing on social media platforms.

With all this information, hopefully, you have enough to help you create a viral-worthy website like Buzzfeed on WordPress.

Taking Creativity Beyond The Canvas With Canva https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/blog/interviews/taking-creativity-beyond-the-canvas-with-canva/ Tue, 30 Oct 2018 06:34:16 +0000 http://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net/?p=28635 Designing is a skill that not everyone is adept at. Some might be born with an eye for design while others, not so much. Canva, on the other hand, believes that everyone can and should be able to design something simple yet beautiful.

As one of the leading platform for online graphic design, we were particularly ecstatic to be able to chat with the team at Canva and understand how Canva came to be, their team’s vision, and where they intend to be in the future.

Homepage of Canva.com

A Collaborative Platform For Art

She (Melanie Perkins) realised the future of design was going to be simpler, online and collaborative.  – Liz McKenzie, Head PR of Canva


The idea for Canva came about when CEO Melanie Perkins, then a university student, was tutoring other students on how to use an existing design software suite. She noticed that it took a long time for her students to feel remotely confident to design with even something relatively simple.

She then thought of creating a platform that allowed users to create beautiful designs collaboratively in simple ways to help make designing easier. This gave birth to the initial concept and business idea of Canva.

Before Canva was actually launched, she and partner Cliff Obrecht decided to test the idea by tackling a niche market first and to prove that her new approach to design was both possible and needed.

Melanie with her two co-founders, Cliff Obrecht (centre) and Cameron Adams.

This led to Fusion Books, a software platform that students used to design their school yearbooks. The success of the idea was the nudge that Perkins needed to take her concept to a wider level.

“After it kept growing for a few years they decided they were ready to broaden it out and tackle the whole design space and launched Canva.” Notes McKenzie on how Canva’s origin came to be.

Creating A World Where Everyone Can Design

For the team at Canva, the idea was always to be a platform that anyone can use to easily create and design anything they want in a simple and easy manner. It was this philosophy that powered Canva’s vision and it’s core design.

“The Vision for Canva is to empower everyone to design anything and publish anywhere. As such, Canva provides a simple way for everyone to create beautiful graphics for web and print. It’s a drag and drop platform that’s been designed to be incredibly simple to use.”

Beyond just being an incredibly intuitive graphic design platform, the team at Canva knew that the conventional design tools were just not up to par with the demands of current technology.

Example: Facebook ad image we created using Canva.

“Many of the workplace tools that have become staples over the last couple of decades no longer satisfy the needs of today’s workforce. They were developed before the internet era was born and their core concepts remain the same today.” McKenzie says on their platform technology. “We have had the opportunity to reimagine productivity tools from the ground up to cater to what everyone needs today. The ability to communicate your ideas visually has never been more important.”

To give users the tools and means for creating beautiful graphics without being bound by traditional methods was one of the main focus for their drag-and-drop UI. The other was to make sure that everyone can use it.

Because we want everyone to be able to create beautiful and professional designs, our focus is on creating an entirely new kind of design software, one that is simple and intuitive, rather than focusing on how to replace the existing option.

By inventing an entirely new method of design, Canva has positioned itself to be a unique player in the graphic design world, and most importantly, set them on a path to success.

Achieving Success Beyond The Canvas

Ever since Canva launched their site in 2012, they’ve been steadily and rapidly achieving numerous milestones and success throughout the years. Today, the company has been able to boast quite a number of achievements, some of which includes:

  • Having more than 10 million users registered in Canva, in 190 different countries – from Kazakhstan to Bhutan (there have even been a few signups in North Korea!)
  • Their platform is offered in 108 different languages including Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Portuguese
  • There have been more than 850 million designs created on Canva so far.
  • More than 20 designs are created on Canva every second.
  • Making the platform accessible on desktop, iPad, iPhone and Android.

While some of these achievements are quite outstanding, the biggest success that Canva experienced so far is to have the company valued at USD$1 billion in January 2018. This basically puts Canva as one of the most valuable private companies in Australia today.

With the financial success that Canva is experiencing and reaching unicorn status, the company has started to look outward in order to grow. As of 2018, they have been actively looking for and acquiring smaller start-ups to further expand their presence.

Canva plans – Start for free (forever!) or get advance features for as low as $12.95/user/month.

Features That Are Beautiful By Design

In order to be a platform that truly allows freedom of design, Canva had to create a system that offers all the features that a designer would need.

Some of those features include:

  • Image cropping
  • Add text into photographs
  • A thought bubble and speech creator
  • Editing, straightening and enhancing images
  • Frames for photos and images
  • Badges and sticks for websites

Currently, they offer three plans for it users – Canva, Canva for Work, and Canva Enterprise. Their basic plan, Canva, is free and gives access to their basic drag-and-drop editor. Despite being free, the plan gives users the ability to access over 50,000 templates, 1GB of storage, and photos starting at $1 each.

Those in need of a more powerful tool can opt for Canva for Work or Canva Enterprise. Canva for Work offers more features and functions that professional designers would want, such as unlimited storage and folders, uploading custom fonts, team functionalities, and more.

Canva Enterprise includes all of the features in Canva for Work and added company-specific features such as onboarding incentives, dedicated account-manager, and 99.9% uptime SLA.

Ready-to-use Templates at Canva

Built-in logo templates at Canva.
Built-in logo templates at Canva.
Built-in resume templates at Canva.
Built-in business card templates at Canva.

What The Future Holds For Canva

Given the success that they’ve achieved, the breakthroughs in graphic design approach, and reaching unicorn status for the company, it looks as if there’s no more new area left for Canva to venture.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. For the folks at Canva, there’s still much work to be done for the company and the need to further refine their vision for a universal design software.

We have only achieved 1% of where we think we can take Canva. Our vision is to enable people to take their idea and turn it into a design as seamless as possible; we think we have made some big steps in this direction already, however, we are just getting started.

It’s clear that Canva is not resting on their laurels anytime soon and are ready for bigger and better things in the future.

A Canva For Everyone

We would like to give thanks to the team at Canva for taking the time to share with us about the company, their inner workings, their vision, and most importantly, their future. It’s clear that the people at Canva are striving to be the ultimate graphic design software for creatives and non-creatives alike and we hope they achieve their goal.