WebHostFace Review

WebHostFace Review
Plan in review: Face Extra
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Review Last Updated: February 13, 2018
Cheap shared hosting (starting price at $0.69/mo) and interesting Managed WP Hosting offers. Recommended for budget finders.

Established by Valentin Sharlanov just a couple of years ago, WebHostFace has already managed to establish a decent reputation in the hosting world.

In case you are unaware – we interviewed WebHostFace boss, Valentin Sharlanov, twice on the WHSR Blog (here and here) and have been tracking its hosting service (under Face Extra Plan) since April 2016.

Sharlanov comes from a web design background, and he managed to use what he learned to create WebHostFace.

“Before WebHostFace, I worked on numerous websites of my own,” said Sharlanov. Aside from his web design work, he also has some experience in e-commerce projects. He gained experience in web hosting by working as part of a team for a big web hosting company.

“These two occupations pretty much determined my career as I gained experience on both sides. That helped me immensely in developing my skills and deepening my knowledge,” he added.

Today WebHostFace has data centers in four different locations and ample offerings at the time of this writing.

In this review, we will dive in to see if WebHostFace lives up to what it says it offers.

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WebHostFace Server Performance 


Our experience & thoughts:

Average hosting uptime above 99.9%

Choice of server locations in three continents

Hosting performance backed by SLA

TTFB below 500ms for U.S. Server

 Rated C at Bitcatcha Speed Test


WebHostFace Server Location

Select where to host their websites: United States, Europe, or Asia.

Location of WebHostFace data centers

WebHostFace Hosting Uptime

WebHostFace servers are reliable – my dummy site (which I shifted over since April 2016) scores above 99.95% uptime constantly.  It’s no surprise to see that WebHostFace is guaranteeing users’ satisfaction formally (via Service Level Agreement).

* Click images to enlarge.

Test site hosted at WebHostFace scored 99.99% uptime (June, 2017). Site has gone down once (for 4 minutes) on May 31st, 2017.
Uptime score for the last 30 days: 99.64% (March 2017).

webhostface uptime 072016
WebHostFace uptime scores for the past 30 days (July 12th, 2016): 99.94%. Test site scored 100% uptime for the past 7 days.
Test site uptime scores - no downtime for the past 30 days.
Test site uptime scores 100%. No downtime for the past 30 days (June 13th, 2016).

WebHostFace Site Speed Tests at Bitcatcha

Test #1: Feb 2018

Speed testing my dummy site hosted on WebHostFace – server scored “C” when compared with other results at Bitcatcha. This is a revised result from the original A grade (see speed test #2 below) it received when first tested.

Test #2: June 2016

Speed testing my dummy site hosted on WebHostFace - server scored "A" when compared with other results at Bitcatcha.
Speed testing my dummy site hosted on WebHostFace – server scored “A” when compared with other results at Bitcatcha.

WebHostFace Speed Tests at WebPageTest

Test #1: Chicago Server, Feb 2018

When it came to WebPageTest, results came back better.

Test from Chicago, U.S.; time-to-first-byte (TTFB) 220ms.

Test #2: Singapore Server, Feb 2018

Test from Singapore, TTFB 2,400ms. My guess – time to first byte due to latency delay (test site is hosted in U.S. data center) – which explains why test at Bitcacha returned a “C”.

WebHostFace Service Level Agreement (SLA)

WebHostFace service is backed by SLA. If WebHostFace is unable to meet this service level, you will be eligible to receive a credit to apply to future service billing cycles

14.1 WebHostFace will use commercially reasonable efforts to make our services available with 99.9% network uptime of the time during each monthly billing cycle. If WebHostFace is unable to meet this service level, you will be eligible to receive a credit to apply to future service billing cycles based upon the Unavailability for that month.

14.2 For the purposes of this agreement, Unavailability means that either (a) the hosting service is unresponsive, or (b) hosting service returns a server error response to valid user requests for more than 60 seconds of consecutive requests.

Source: https://www.webhostface.com/terms-of-service


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WebHostFace Hosting Features


Our Experience & Thoughts:

Built-in DDoS mitigation and brute force detection

Free RV Site Builder and R1Soft Backup

Upgrades to VPS, Dedicated and Managed WordPress Plan

No adult / pay day loan sites  allowed


No Adult / Pay Day Loan Sites

Note that WebHostFace doesn’t allow adult content and pay day loan sites (including pay day loan affiliate sites). If you’re hosting these sites, you will have to go over to some other host.

Other than that slight hiccup, WebHostFace is a good option for hosting.

Screenshot of WebHostFace’s ToS.

WebHostFace Hosting Options

There is plenty of room to grow at WebHostFace. This is great news if you plan to build a bigger website in the future but wish to save costs on hosting now – just stick with the shared hosting plans to start with and upgrade later.

  • Shared Hosting Three different shared hosting plans – Face Standard, Face Extra, and Face Ultima. These plans range from $6.90 up to $19.90 a month (regular price); 15 GB to 30 GB of web space, and come with free domain name and Ley’s Encrypt SSL.
  • Reseller Hosting Three plans – Reseller Standard, Extra, or Ultima, prices range from $19.95 up to $39.95 a month (regular price). All plans come with a free private DNS; storage/bandwidth ranges from 40/400 GB to 120/1200 GB.
  • VPS Hosting Four VPS packages with 20, 40, 80, or 120 GB of space and they range from $9.95 a month all the way up to $79.95 a month.
  • Dedicated Hosting Select from Entry, Enhanced, Premier, and Enterprise servers. These options range in price from $129 to $359 a month, depending on your server specifications and locations.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Important to know

WebHostFace is so far the only managed WordPress hosting company that offers users a personal WP assistant to rely on. Their trained WordPress experts will help users with their site SEO as well as performance and security configuration.

More: WebHostFace.com/managed-wordpress-hosting/

What makes WebHostFace Managed WordPress Hosting special?

Web Host Face released two brand-new Managed WordPress Plans – WP Artists and WP Master, in February 2017.

The new hosting plans promise developer friendly environment, better site security, and better server solution; which include HTTP/2, CDN, NGINX, R1Soft Daily Backup, and PHP 7 preset by default.

Each plan comes with a Personal WP assistant, who provides guides in all things WordPress – from speed optimizations to security and SEO. In a glance:

Features WP Artists WP Masters
WordPress Sites 3 5
SSD Storage 20 GB 50 GB
Traffic Capacity ~150,000 visits/mo ~300,000 visits/mo
WP Development Guide* 1 hour /mo 2.5 hour /mo
R1Soft Daily Backup
Personalized SEO Audit*
Signup Price $19.95/mo $36.95/mo


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WebHostFace Customer Support


Our Experience & Thoughts:

Good live chat support 

Comprehensive written and video tutorials

Free RV Site Builder and R1Soft Backup

Does not host a support forum


WebHostFace Video Tutorial

WebHostFace provides helpful video guides relating to all kinds of hosting areas – from account to cPanel assistance, from  application information.

Tons of helpful video tutorials at WebHostFace.

Excellent live chat customer support

I did a case study in July 2017 to compare hosting companies’ live chat support. WebHostFace is one of the few that charge less than $5/mo and performed well in the study.

Screenshots of my live chat record at WebHostFace. My chat requests were answered within seconds, and my questions were answered professionally. The overall experience with the web host support staff was excellent.

A Hosting Company with Real Faces

During my time using WebHostFace, one thing stood out above the rest.

Just as the name suggests, this is a hosting company with a face. They reveal the people behind the company.

It’s a smart business strategy and makes you feel like you are working with people you know instead of a nameless company. Plus, I’ve deal with Valentin Sharlanov a number of times in the past and I know him to be both knowledgeable as well as helpful. That gave me a lot of confidence in using this company, and he didn’t let me down.

Faces of WebHostFace
Faces of WebHostFace


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WebHostFace Pricing: Value for Money?


Our Experience & Thoughts:

Extremely cheap signup price

Users save up to 90% on first bill

Free first year domain and daily backup


Prices increase on renewal

Compare WebHostFace Price

Let’s take closer look and compare WebHostFace’s shared hosting prices with other popular shared hosting providers.

Web Hosts Sign Up* Renewal* Trial Our Ratings Review
WebHostFace $1.09/mo $10.90/mo 30 days
A2 Hosting $4.90/mo $10.99/mo 30 days 12345 Review
Arvixe $4.00/mo $14.95/mo 60 days 12555 Review
BlueHost $3.95/mo $6.99/mo 30 days 12345 Review
eHost $2.75/mo $7.98/mo 45 days 12345 Review
GoDaddy $4.99/mo $6.99/mo 45 days 12355 Review
HostMetro $2.45/mo $2.45/mo 30 days 12355 Review
HostGator $10.36/mo $12.95/mo 45 days 12345 Review
iPage $1.99/mo $9.99/mo 30 days 12345 Review
InMotion Hosting $2.95/mo $6.99/mo 0 days 12345 Review
IX Web Hosting $3.95/mo $6.95/mo 7 days 12335 Review


* All hosting prices based on plans similar to WebHostFace’s offer, 2-year subscription, and exclusive discount prices at WHSR.


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The Bottom Line: Is WebHostFace A Go?

The mainstream has yet to discover WebHostFace, making this an amazing hidden gem.

Of course, I’m not the only person who knows about this hosting site. Just look at the customer feedback on forums and you will see that there are lots of happy customers who are more than willing to talk about how great WebHostFace is. Because of that, don’t be surprised if it ends up growing by leaps and bounds.

WebHostFace is best for individual bloggers/site owners who are looking for a budget web host.


Visit or order online: WebHostFace.com